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Crumbs! by Sporadicsoft - Preview


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Hey all,


I wanted to share something I've been working on the last couple of months.


You will recognise the gameplay but I'm trying a different viewpoint on it.


The video shows everything that's in the current build. Proper Ghost behaviours and path finding are in. There's still a few core elements to implement including level progression, but it's getting there.


Sounds are just placeholders for now.


Built using the awesome RB+/Raptor toolset. Video recorded direct from my Jag.




EDIT: New Post Update on 13 Oct 2020 - CLICK HERE



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That is really nice.


Could I suggest one little feature to make the 3d navigation a bit easier? Put a glow above the ghosts that can be seen above the walls, so that you will get an indication on the main display of where they are as you move around without having to keep looking at the scrolling map.

Thanks :)

I had been thinking a similar thing too. It already lights the walls red around the ghosts but that still doesn't give much notice to the player. So yes, I'm looking for ideas to warn the player of the dangers.

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That's always one of the problems with 3d games - getting lost :) sound volume based on distance might be a simple method to avoid the ghosts too.


Then you could always do multi player ;)

Lol, no, please, not multiplayer.


Sound volume warnings is a good one though ;)

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Hey Sporadic this looks really cool. May I suggest that the little on screen radar to help predict the ghosts on screen look closer to the original pacman sprites instead of the current blocks and bars. Its not really necessary but I think it will really help old schoolers make the connection better

I'd rather avoid the obvious massive law suit lolol


At the end of the day, that is just a HUD to give you a glance of what's around so I don't want to encourage players to look at that map too often. I might even remove it in hardcore mode.

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