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Hello all,

After completing Super Cobra Arcade, the CHAMP Games dev team has been busy working on our next project: A port of the Namco classic Mappy. It's been a game I've been thinking about making for over 10 years, and with the advances in technology I've finally moved forward with the development. Nathan Strum is doing an amazing job with the graphics (as he does with all my games, thanks Nathan!) and Mike Haas (ieposta) will be following up his fabulous work in Super Cobra Arcade to provide the music and sound effects (he has already posted some amazing music demos for Mappy, which in part inspired me to finally take on this challenge).


I would estimate the game is about 50% complete, with all of the game physics done (walking, jumping, hopping, scrolling, platforms, trampolines, doors, bells, trap doors), all levels implemented (12) plus the bonus stage is playable, and basic collision detection (prizes, walls, balloons). Still plenty of work to be done, most notably the enemies (cats, Goro, etc) and all the no-so-fun stuff like title screens, menus, etc. There is no timetable for a release but I thought I'd share some screen shots of the progress. I'm hoping to have a playable demo done available sometime after the new year.


Level 1:



Jumping on a trampoline:



Bonus stage:



Mappy in the attic:






Level 14 (trap doors, not shown correctly because of Stella screen capture):




Keep an eye out for updates in the near future!





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You and Nathan make a great team.

And Mike. His sound and music contributions really put that extra layer of polish on these games and really help elevate them above the typical scratches, beeps and booms you expect from a 2600. It's kind of a homebrew dream team. What ever they work on together becomes the next gotta have 2600 game.


Really looking forward to seeing how this evolves.

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