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The latest version of IntyBASIC is v1.2.9 and it can be downloaded from :-



You'll also need an Intellivision emulator. There are 3 available :-

  • jzintv
  • Bliss
  • Nostalgia
Bliss and Nostalgia are quite old and haven't been updated in some time. Personally, I'd recommend jzintv because its actively maintained and has a built-in assembly language debugger. The latest version of jzintv and the As1600 assembler for Windows, OSX and Linux can be found here :-For other technical information on the Intellivision hardware you'll need the sdk1600 available from: jzintv-1.0-beta4-sdk1600.zip


There is a manual in the IntyBASIC release but for more background information on the Intellivision's hardware, in the sdk1600 you'll find:

  • \doc\programming\stic.txt - Information on the STIC's video modes and hardware sprites.
  • \doc\programming\psg.txt - Information on the sound chip.
Lots of useful resources http://atariage.com/forums/topic/248209-the-intybasic-compiler-official-thread/ and don't forget to visit the Intellivision Programming forum.
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I've learnt from the previous contest and I won't update the compiler during the contest


What about bugs? :) Or are you willing to assist non-contest programmers with "special bug fix releases" to facilitate games that may or may not need to be completed before August 1? :)


Edit: well, you're going to have to do something - NTSC/PAL is "broken" in 1.2.9, as discussed here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/241446-intybasic-compiler-v129-the-good-things-are-now-better/page-12


And if you're going to have PAL support encouraged as part of the rules...


Sorry to be such a pain :)

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