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cheap video game bundles and more for sale


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clearing out some of my random video games. all prices are firm.

shipping paid for by buyer.

$45 Ps4 Controller version 2 New in box *2 of these*

$40 Super Mario Oddessey

$10 Walking dead season 2 Ps4 complete *rental sticker on disc*

$10 Walking dead season 1 XB1 complete

$ 3 Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories GBA cart only

Wii: $15 plus shipping

Goplay Lumerjacks *complete

Wii play *complete*

Glacier 3 the meltdown *disc only*

Samurai Warriors Katana *disc only*

Samba de amigo *disc only*

Cranium Kabookii *disc only*

Guinness world records the video game *disc only*

Shaun white world stage *disc only*

Ssx Blur *disc only*

Sega Superstar tennis *disc only*

Battle of the bands *complete*

Hannah Montanna the movie *complete*

My word coach *disc only*

Gamecube $5 plus shipping for the pair

*complete unless noted*

$3 naruto clash of ninja 2 *missing booklet*

$3 Hulk *missing booklet*

Ps2 game lot: $20 plus shipping

World Championship poker Howard lederer's dvd edition *complete*

Tiger woods 2003 *complete*

Ghost recon *missing booklet*

Ps2 disc only:

Snoopy vs the red barron

SIngstar latino

The Incredible Hulk

Rebel raiders operation nighthawk

Rouge Trooper

Fight Night 2004

Sims 2

X Squad

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