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Long ago I decided to cut some parts of the collection that I never use. I would rather trade this stuff for something cool, but I can also spend money on cool stuff so if you don't want to trade, or have nothing to trade I have no problem taking your money :) .


As far as what I want in trade, I can't give you a full list. Hopefully you also have a list of things you could trade so we can work something out. I can say I would like a few Nintendo Power mags from the NES or SNES era just to have a few in the collection as examples. The same could be same for any magazine with Mortal Kombat 1 - Ultimate 3 or Street Fighter 2 related cover or articles. Other Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter swag would be on interest as well.


I would like to get into the C64 and as of yet have nothing for it, so there could be a lot of room to trade there. I'm not only interested in hardware, but books of the C64. I know there were a lot of programming books and such BITD, I would like to have some of that around here too.


I could always use more universal game cases.


All disk games are likely to have some light scratches or marks on the game side. Every game has been tested in the last 2 weeks and all listed games work as they should.


Most things are priced, somethings are not (mostly) because I have a hard time pricing foreign games. There will be more stuff coming to this list in the near future.

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For clarity's sake, I would call this "FS/FT Many PC and Big Box games"


I seem to have broken the matrix or something. There are no PC games on the list. Please let me know what about the way I have done this left the impression that PC games were involved. I would like to make sure I don't give others the wrong impression too. Thank you for the advice.


I also feel like most people are missing the fact that there are multiple tabs at the bottom of the spread sheet. Each console has it's own tab on the spreadsheet. The first is Sega Saturn, but there are more consoles in there too!

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Bump. Completed a few trades, added some ColecoVision stuff, CIB N64 console, and a few more things. Please take a look at the list of things I have to trade and lets make a deal. I did list some things I'm looking for, but I'd love to see what you have to trade even if it isn't on the list. I never know what I have to have until I see it.

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