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Night Stalker - (XB256 compiled) FINAL VERSION


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because program size is equated both pre-RUN and post-RUN.


Once you run the program, the variable space is reserved for whatever you decide to call the variable... rather than having an integer value repeated a hundred times.


All thats left is a single, 1 byte reference to the integer. I could see how this might increase speed of the program as well. Write a simple test program and try it out. :D


Will definitely keep this in mind for any future programming projects I may attempt. Been far too busy recently to work on anything, but would love to get back to it soon.

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The 'integer' values in a non-compiled XB program are floating point values. Consumption is 8 (9?) bytes per variable. You take a double hit since the value is stored in the program and the variable is allocated during prescan. Are the compiled values represented as 16-bit integers? I guess that's a question for Senior Falcon.


If you have a lot of numeric variables to set, and they are 8 bit (0-255), you can save space by converting them into characters and storing them into a string. You can also use strings as "numeric arrays" by using the SEG$, VAL, and CHR$ statements. The message pointers for my BBS software are all stored in this fashion. 127 message pointers require 254 bytes of stack memory; a numeric array would cost 9*127 bytes of program space.

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Still having trouble with sound effects hanging, is it something to do with sounds not using all channels playing on top you think?


Seems to happen when the explosion sound plays over a laser shot, and the explosion is only using the noise channel

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First time I was able to get to the invisible robot. Granted the Black and Invisible robot aren't as nasty as they are in the original game yet. Black and Invisible have bullets that can stop your bullets, and destroy your bunker. So this is not indicative of how hard it will be, but it's still pretty hard to get this far.





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Updated Rom image in post 1, Also updated video


Finally got that hanging sound bug fixed thanks to Senior Falcon's suggestion of killing all sound channels before playing the sound


Also "thickened" up the spider sprite so it will look better on CRT's


plays spawn sound when you get an extra man


I feel like I'm in the home stretch on this thing.


Level 4 Robot shots kill player bullets

Black Robot fires larger projectile

Fixed Bug

Robot shot sounds hanging until next shot

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Updated Rom image in post 1


Finally got the bat explosion characters done and working, no longer sprites so should help even more with flicker issues

Put a new title attract screen, uses existing char set, added a credit screen with shout outs to you guys who've helped me

Will continue to try to optimize it down enough to also include the original title screen I created, but it's not looking great there.


Biggest remaining hurdle is bunker busting Level 4+ robot bullets and I will continue to try looking into using screen characters instead of sprites for the bullets, my first attempt didn't go well.


Bats hanging from ceiling on Spawn

Add explosion graphic for bat or spider death (spinning disc temp)

Find space or make new title screen

Add an attract screen mode, to give the player time to start the game and explain scoring

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Updated Rom Image in Post 1


You can now shoot hanging bats for some easy kills early.

Fixed an issue where the gun was getting overwritten by explosion graphic from bats and spiders.

Optimized routine for moving and animating the character, slight performance increase.




Bullets don't kill hanging bats.

Attract mode wasn't properly looping, crashing after credits screen.

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Updated Rom image in post 1


Finally got the level 4 black robot destroying the bunker, that's basically it for the original game features, I'm calling this BETA.

Hit me up with any bugs you find.




Fixed the color of the bunker buster bullets to yellow

Level 4 Robot destroys bunker

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Rom Image updated in Post 1


Bug Fixes:

Robot Shields don't display correctly

Player can clip through wall on 2nd and 3rd column pass through intersection

Player is occasionally being killed twice on the same bullet

Extra man after 20000 doesn't show up until you kill something after 20000 or any progression after that

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Updated ROM in Post 1


Changed all projectiles to characters instead of sprites, flicker should be at a minimum. likely the only time you'll see it is when the bunker sprite appears, or after you blow up a robot. But bullets shouldn't ever disappear except when passing through another bullet, an explosion or a blinking gun.


Order of sprite priority is


#1 and 2 Bunker sprites

#3 Player sprite

#4 Main Robot

#5 and 6 Bats/Secondary Robots

#7 Spider


The Bunker sprites only show up when the player is within 16 Pixels of it, so effectively all the important sprites should never disappear.


I haven't got any feedback or bugs except for the guy on YouTube making fun of it. So this will probably be the last update for a while.





Look into using chars for bullets to reduce sprite flicker

Optimized character set for simpler collision checks

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