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Night Stalker - (XB256 compiled) FINAL VERSION


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  • 2 weeks later...

I haven't updated the rom image, as I'm having sound issues with it, but I've been hammering away on this thing for a few weeks in the few hours of off time I'm getting, I've increased the speed of the player and doubled the speed of the bullets, currently this is making the hit detection a little less accurate, and I'm having trouble with the Black Robot's bunker busters not doing damage if he shoots up or left. But here is a video of the new speed of the game.



When I get the sound issues sorted out, I'll upload a new rom image

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I've estimated that the game now plays somewhere between speed 2 and speed 3 of the original. I don't think I'll ever get it to the equivalent of speed 1 of the original.

When I was a kid I played the game at the slowest speed, that's probably why my recollections weren't matching the existing youtube clips of the game. When I'm officially through with it, I'll post the source and Magellan files if someone ever wants to take it on.

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  • 7 months later...

I was talking to Turtles last night about putting this into a cartridge for him to play with--and when I looked up the thread this morning, the Final Update was fresh on the thread! :) :) :) Talk about great timing! :) :) :) Thanks for doing this one. I only ever had a chance to play it on my Mattel Aquarius before this came along. . .

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Hey All,

If you've not checked out LASooner's Night Stalker port yet, << CLICK HERE >>! He edited message #1 with the final version and he did a FIRST RATE JOB on the release package! It has a very well done instruction manual in PDF format, comes in both cartridge (BIN) format and diskette (DSK) version. Heck, he even posted the source code! :thumbsup:


Never mind, looks like he already posted it! Well, links have been added to the repository and manual sections at least. :skull:

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I plan on making a few cartridges for those who are interesting in physical hardware (assuming LASooner has no issues with me building them for others). At a minimum I will be making a couple for myself. :)



Just be careful, Intellivision can be a bit litigious, that's why I had to turn down Greg's generous offer to sell them on his store, I don't want anyone to get in trouble over this.

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Fully understood--I don't want trouble. My question on this one was intended more as an aid to those who don't have the parts/skills to build one, but who still want to have a cartridge in hand. I do have a sheet of labels and other parts usable for this one though, some of which may be useful to those still wanting to roll their own physical cartridge.

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I figure as long as you aren't selling it, it's all good man. free for all who want it, and open for anyone who wants to make a version that runs better.


For me, it was an exercise "Can I do this with the tools Harry gave us and my limited programming skills", and except for the speed, it's a good approximation of what the game was about. So a "soft yes."


It's on to the next one for me. I keep bouncing between what I want to do next. The graphics always seem to come faster than the programming for me, Hypaball, Bruce Lee, go back to Bomb Squad or something that would use the chained XB256 stuff Harry put in. I have thought of making a game out of a Choose Your Own Adventure book, since it wouldn't be a speed issue, and would be a great candidate for chained programs.

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I'm afraid i don't quite understand how Tidbit (or merge files for that matter) work or i would not be asking this:

Would anyone please be kind enough to provide a .dsk with the no splashscreen version, as a single int/var file?


I see there is two programs on the disk, a loader and the game itself.

I thought maybe i could bypass the loader and just load the game its self, but it did not want to run that way.


If the game were a single int/var file, i could attempt to split it with cass24k2 utility, so i could run it from wav files on CS1.

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LASooner, there is something odd about the NSEA5.DSK file.

My Tidir (v5.3b) refuses to open it, listing it as a DOS file.

TI Image Tool opens it, but gives me the following warning:

Image file has floppy size, but missing floppy signature (DSK). Open anyway?


I opened it and extracted the three files, but i am unable to load them with the EA cart's option 5.


It seems like it wants to compile it, not run it.


I went ahead and converted these to wav files in CS1er, and attempted to load them with cassload; It does not finish loading properly.

Any ideas?

(I have attached the extracted files from TI Image Tool, as well as the wav files.)NSEA5.DSK - TI Image Tool extracted files.zip

converted wav files.zip

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