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Removing the Harmony Cart with system on?

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Does anyone know if there can be any potential damage done to the Harmony Cart or the VCS by removing the Harmony Cartridge while the system is on?


I *REALLY* want to play RAM Pong without the cartridge in the machine, just to see the magic in action, but I'm a little wary of damaging one or the other.

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I have never damaged system or carts by hot swapping. If a cart (ie nes, snes, genesis) contains sram, it could wipe your save though.


I've played ram pong by unplugging the Harmony. It works, albeit a test demo at best. I'd call it more like playing wall ball than actual pong. :P


About 2/3 of the time the cart will crash when you yank it. The faster you pull it out, the less likely it will crash. Place one hand on the vcs and yank the cart out with the other hand in one swift motion. If you wiggle it much, you'll be staring at vertical lines.

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Thanks for the tips on the quick removal of the cart Kosmic Stardust. I feel a bit more secure about performing the cart exorcism from the console now. I asked because I'll be doing a livestream of RAM Pong on my Twitch Homebrew show this Friday and didn't want to destroy anything!! Check the links below for more info. :-)

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