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Blockbuster - game released

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Thanks for likes and feedback. :)


Scoring has now been implemented.


Below I've put in some delays whenever the score is updated. Firstly 3 blocks are removed. Then comes a special 4 block removal. And finally one pile is cleared.




3 blocks: 1 point
4 blocks: 20 points
Pile cleared: 5 points
Both piles cleared: 15 points
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Thanks for the likes. :)

A timer has been added. When the test tube fills, time runs out, and your blocks are automatically inserted.

The animation below demonstrates this. The final game will start out at a slower pace.


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For some reason this GIF file won't show ... Just click it then ...
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Thanks for likes and feedback. :)

I did think of "point bursts" instead of the arrow effects. I also thought about a "pile empty" effect. Now I guess I’ll support all actions as is with sound-effects.

"Level up" will happen after a certain number of blocks have been removed. Level up will see the timer speed up. Thinking about a color-palette change.

When the action gets a bit hectic, I’ve “accidentally” inserted new blocks right after an automatic insert (timer runs full), - so I’ll insert a “fire-button must be in release state” at that point. That might save you.

I think I’ll drop any ideas about difficulty settings.

Later on I’ll probably do some compression, and see how much room that leaves.

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Is this one still moving forward? I am really looking forward to the completed game (and I spent a goodly amount of time tonight playing one of your earlier games, Restless-II).


Thanks for asking.


Yes, the game project is still moving forward. Although it looks pretty close to completion, there's been a few things in the pot.


Apart from life, and the need to look into other game and demo projects, there's also been quite a few old ideas for graphic and sound utilities popping in. Potentially a few things that could spice up the intro screen.


I'll try and give Blockbuster more attention and like "get it done". At least with some updates along the way.


And thanks for playing Restless II. Hope you enjoyed it.



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There's been a few adjustments.

Graphics are now more or less final.

Sounds were thrown-in hastely, so I'll have to see if I can come up with something better.

There's at least one logical bug. When one pile is empty and the other one is still falling down, then bonus for one empty pile is given several times. Empty pile bonuses should of course be given at the end of a turn (computer (versus player)). Right now bonuses are given as they occur (fine for removing adjacent blocks).


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