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New Dragon Ethernet cartridge interest check


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There's a talk on atari.area forum http://www.atari.org.pl/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=246635#p246635 about producing new Dragon Ethernet cartridge http://www.atari8ethernet.com

Duddie from http://retronics.eu/ said, that he can start making them after he get customers for 50 cartridges. Estimated price is $60 plus shipping.

We have a list going over there to gauge interest (currently 10 carts are claimed). I would like to start the same here. So if you are interested in one or more, please add yourself to the list. Let's get this project started. Thank You.


Please copy the list and add yourself to the end with a quantity you want. Here's a proposed format:


1. YourForumNickname - 1 cart(s)

2. ....



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I am glad a new run of Dragon Cart would be made, to play amazing 8bit-Slicks online (it works perfectly) and forthcoming Worms type game.

Will the new cart be exactly as original one or will it have some enhancements? For example, top plug for lan cable is not very nice with XL computers.

I already have one Dragon Cart and I would buy another one if it's better than original.

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Hello guys


Will the new cart be exactly as original one or will it have some enhancements?


Wasn't the first version some PCB stuck to a cartridge PCB?


I too would like to know if the new Dragon Cart will be a 1:1 copy of the old one or if it will be redesigned.





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For this you have 850 inteface plus Lantronix serial to Ethernet device.


Yes, I have this, but isn't the dragoncart TCP/IP stack better? Would be useful to have this available with the extra memory of the U1MB without taking up the cartridge slot.

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I really hate to be the turd in the punch bowl. I have an original Dragon cart. Cool concept. I hate to say it. I really would love to see an ECI (PBI) device where the microcontroller offloaded the TCP/IP stack and other shit the 6502 just doesn't need to be saddled with doing. Also, the Atari 8-bit port of contiki (that I have seen) is just shit compared to what is out there. Slow ass 40 column "browser" that can do a nice 300 baud. Uses none of the Atari features. Compare to Ice-T XE's blazing fast 9600 baud 80 column browser with limited colour support and a full 16kB scrolling buffer.


Sorry to be "negative nancy". Just taking the shit for stating a somewhat common (but withheld) opinion, or wishing for something better.

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Posted Today, 11:11 PM

1. davidcalgary29 - 1 cart
2. xrbrevin - 1 cart
3. skriegel - 2 carts
4. Marius - 2 carts

5. brenski - 1 cart
6. AtariSociety - 1 cart
7. Mathy - 2 carts
8. Haightc - 1 cart

9. Markk - 1 cart

10. Sleepy - 2 carts

11. Nezgar - 1 cart

12. Gunstar - 1 cart

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