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Penult RPG (Atari 2600)

Karl G

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Thank you to everyone who voted for Penult! It was an unexpected honor.


I just want to reiterate what I said on the show: I very much appreciate the support of the community here throughout the process with this game, and before that with me learning to make games for the 2600. I know I had a ton of questions, and many people have been quite helpful. It's the community here that makes the whole process worthwhile.



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Congrats on winning the the 2600 Homebrew Award!!!  I picked this game for best packaging too... including that cloth map reminds me so much of Ultima!!  Unfortunately, there was some excellent competition in this area.


I am so excited to get this game.  The demo is awesome, but I want the real deal.  Penult and an AtariVox have been sitting in my cart for months now.  I am waiting on the "last chance sale" order that I placed in June.  When that order is shipped, I will know that Albert is making progress on the massive back order.  Then I will feel more comfortable adding this game to his queue.


Once again, congrats on the award and thanks for all the time you put into this game. 💗

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5 hours ago, SleepwalkFever said:

Is it possible to play Penult on the Atari 2600+?

The latest information I have is that the Penult cart is at least not yet supported on the 2600+, but I have asked to see if there is any updated information on that.

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