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Golf (Channel F)


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While you were replying, I was working on making the guy's golf club be blue. I noticed the pop sound as well. How would I mask the bits needed?

I also noticed that when I put too much code in, the game started acting weird. I had to modify the code a bit to make the power meter working correctly, for example. I had to make some new code in case there were two trees on the screen, for another example. How weird is that?





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If you have the data in A

ni %00111111
Immediate AND will zero out bit 6 and 7 and keep the rest. 

oi %11000000
Immediate OR will turn bits 6 and 7 to 1:s and keep the rest.

Not sure which works best... I imagine if it doesn't change it will stay silent. 

So if you do that on r4 before calling "blit" you should be fine - or add it in the blit routine, if you're still using the "corrected" MESS coordinate addition that changes coordinates by 4 steps you can add it there. 
As such:

    ; fix the y coordinate
    lis    4
    as    4
    oi    %11000000  ; (or if AND is better... ? )
    lr    4, A

If you're aiming for speed in future games you should skip the "fix coordinate stuff".   ;-)


Same goes for the startup pop, usually port 5 is initialized with sending $00 - thus affecting the two audio bits as well. 

If you leave all audio playback in the game with the same state on the two audio bits of port 5 you'll just continue to keep them that way if you don't want any sound. 
That is you quit playSong for example by setting 

outs 5
.. then you know you should keep it at zero to prevent unwanted sound.
Not sure if it does something similar already. 

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I also play it in MESS, I use v133b at the moment - I'll check for real this weekend and we'll see. 

This gets it quiet for me, edited golfdrawing3.inc

... first plot

    ; set the row using r3
    lis    4
    as    3                        ; fix the y coordinate
    oi    %11000000
    outs    5

... then blit

    com                            ; invert it
    oi    %11000000
    outs    5    

So it clears the 2 MSbits - as numbers are inverted.

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I worked all my free time yesterday and all of tonight (it's 3:30am now) to bring you a third obstacle. You can now have two trees and a sandtrap, like in the picture posted here of hole #10. There was a little bit of weirdness that happened in the second playthrough on hole 7, but I am guessing it was just my computer and not the game. Or perhaps I need a quick way to reset all the variables. Anyway, tell me if you run into anything odd.



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Hi there, I was trying to work out controller inputs for my own game when this came up. I've given it ago and first playthrough seems to work fine.


On the second though (no console reset) I got to hole 4 and then "bumped" into an object here. I think its registering as a sandtrap as its going slower and giving me the "oh no" sound.


I have uploaded a screenshot and a rough area (its probably a square!) which seemed to be registering as a sandtrap

hole 4 playthrough 2.png

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I think I know why.


For the past hour or so I have been struggling with making the 0 disappear. Right now once it goes one past 89 it says 09 instead of 90. And then if I add one to that, it says 19. I can't make it do otherwise, so I'm leaving it as is.

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I think I fixed the green problem on hole 9.

You'll notice that the ROM size is now 16k. I think that will be its final size. And, with it now 16k, this means it might not work in older versions of MESS. I know it won't work in 0.80.1, because that's what I had been using. Apparently it doesn't like the fact that the ROM size is >8k. But it should work in MAME. Stupid MAME. Can anyone tell me how to not make it go to fullscreen mode? This is what I use to run it:

mame64 channelf -cart golf56a.bin



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You could use one of the MESS 0.131 - 0.146... 

IIRC the MESSUI releases are OK:
Bunch of MESS:


I really really really dislike the MAME-i-fication and user interface/GUI, it seems to be mainly meant for an arcade controller setup and not for a normal computer. 

Regarding Channel F there's no need to rush for the latest version, no updates have been made really. 

I have these examples in bat-files for starting games:
start /high messui channelf -cartridge game.bin -throttle -debug

start "" /HIGH messuipp luxorvec -cart game.bin -keepaspect
messd channelf -cart game.bin

messd channelf -cartridge game.bin -w -effect sharp -r 640x480 -ka

So maybe the -w switch will window it for you.

Also had this for recording video:

messui channelf -cartridge game.bin -throttle -nodebug -aviwrite video.avi

I'm pretty sure you can setup screen etc if starting from command line but if you set it up from the GUI it should start the same. 


I can have a look at that 0-digit later, just needs a condition in the right place to either change the graphics offset (to empty) or change the color (to no change). 



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