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Arcade/MAME HSC 2019 Round 3: Millipede / Lady Bug

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On 8/10/2019 at 12:18 AM, AtariWarlord said:

Millipede 47,690. I dedicate this score to Zoyous. As someone who thinks Millipede beats Centipede by a country mile, Zoyous' opinion to the contrary inspired me to put extra effort into beating his score. All in good fun, of course. ?


Heh! Well I'm glad I was able to spur you on! Your post did motivate me to try some more, but I was unable to beat my previous score. Everybody put up some great scores this round. Keep it up everyone, this is a great way to spend some quality time with these games.

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1 hour ago, S.BAZ said:

Aww, heck

I missed this round unfortunately.


(...but you forgot to include me in the season totals)

That's weird. I looked at my hard copy and I have you down at 19(+4 from Week 2). It looks like Leto is doing the totals again -- I will bring this to his attention.

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On 7/30/2019 at 7:39 PM, AtariWarlord said:

Round 2 Tally



1.       Leto27 66,640

2.       Cynicaster 42,290

3.       zoyous 24,600

4.       AtariWarlord 24,060

5.       Floyd Turbo 23,820

6.       youxia 23,580

7.       S.Baz 23,370

8.       jblenkle 23,220

9.       hero2billions 4,520


Magic Sword Heroic Fantasy

1.       Leto27 451,854

2.       hero2billions 174,770

3.       youxia 141,894

4.       Cynicaster 112,935

5.       zoyous 93,530

6.       Floyd Turbo 77,738

7.       AtariWarlord 69,074

8.       jblenkle 34,600

9.       roadrunner 31,440


Standings After Round 2 (Bagman and Magic Sword Heroic Fantasy)

Cynicaster 32 (+16)

Leto27 30 (+20)

youxia 30 (+14)

zoyous 25 (+14)

AtariWarlord 25 (+11)

Floyd Turbo 14 (+11)

hero2billions 14 (+11)

jblenkle 11 (+6)

roadrunner 11 (+2)

patbb 7

Mangia-boy 4


SBAZ is not in this list

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20 hours ago, Leto27 said:

SBAZ is not in this list

My apologies. I had the score down on paper but must have missed it when entering. S. Baz has 19 points total, including the +4 he received for his participation in Bagman. He did not play Magic Sword (please correct if i'm wrong S.Baz) and did not participate in Round 3. Sorry again for all the confusion. 

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