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16-bit numbers not working

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If you compile with the --jlp or --cc3 flag, you'll get 8000 16-bit words.


But, if you're not running with a recent version of jzIntv, and you compiled with --jlp, then you also need to run jzIntv with the --jlp flag.


Recent versions of jzIntv should pick this up from the CFG file (if you assemble to BIN+CFG) or ROM metadata if you assemble to ROM format.  For ROM metadata, though, you also need to use a version of AS1600 that comes with recent jzIntv.

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12 minutes ago, atari2600land said:

OK, if I can have 8,000 16-bit numbers, why does my number show up as 65,535?

When you implement what JZ said, jzintv emulates 8K words of extra RAM being supporting in the emulated cartridge.  Without these (or only some of them), the extra RAM is absent and your code tries to read where the RAM should have been but is missing, which results in reading 65535 (or 0xFFFF in hex) because this is what the real hardware would do.

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Jzintv has been at version 1.0 beta for years and years and years.  I don't know if there is a way to find the revision without a correct file date or some sort of file hash check.


If not using external ram, shouldn't there be 72 locations of 16-bit RAM available.

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Right now, it's best to look at the SVN Revision reported by jzIntv:

$ jzintv
jzIntv v1.0
SVN Revision 1878    <--- this part right here


Technically, jzIntv is not yet at 1.0 final.  It's asymptotically approaching that.  I'd hoped to have the official 1.0 release by the end of last year, but never got there.


My recommendation is to always run the latest jzIntv.  That's what I do.  Or, if anything:  "If you see an issue, make sure you're running the latest jzIntv."


Also:  I strongly recommend folks learn how to use the PATH variable so you only need one copy of jzIntv installed.  Just sayin'.  ?


I should push out a new release.  I've been so swamped and burned out, I just haven't gotten around to doing so.  There's some minor enhancements in there, some minor bug fixes, etc.


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On 8/26/2019 at 4:03 AM, atari2600land said:

How odd. When I use a different version of jzINTV, the problem goes away. Which is really odd because they both say they're version 1.0. 


Does the problem go away with that version of jzIntv if you use the --jlp flag when launching with jzIntv?  If not, then that's a really old version of jzIntv and you should just delete it.


I only keep one copy of jzIntv "installed" on my system.  I set up the PATH variable to point to it.  Once you set up your PATH variable to include jzintv/bin/, you can invoke jzintv, as1600, etc. from anywhere when working at the command line.


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2 hours ago, intvnut said:

Side note:  I'm "following" this thread, but I haven't seen any email notifications.  Have any of you had issues with email notifications?

In the settings of the new system, the email notification toggle for "New content for things I follow" might be off by default.  There's a similar setting for "Someone comments on something I follow".  Not sure of the difference so I turned them all on.

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