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Star Vagrant ATARI XL/XE game


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Finally I am pleased to announce a new game for ATARI XL/XE. This is a space trading game.

Star Vagrant will provide many hours of challenging entertainment. Game offers an experience with up to 12 various ships. You can visit up to 25  locations in 10 different systems and trade 24 unique items.

I have prepared very limited collector's edition. Pre-orders can be placed from November 3rd. I will be on Silly Venture 2019, so if anyone want to pickup his copy there, it can be arranged.

The game has 3 language versions: english, polish and german.


I would like to thank everyone who was involved and made that game possible (random order :)).

- Bocianu

- Tebe


- Broniu

- Caruso

- Kaz


and my my aunt for german translation.










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That is all so F***ing SWEET looking! I have no idea what USB version cassette means or what the IBM compatible is all about though??? Is that for emulation on a PC? I'm definitely interested!


Oh, wait, upon closer inspection of the cassette tape, that isn't a real cassette tape is it? I'd rather have a real cassette for my real Atari&1010, but I'm not sure that's possible with a game of this type and scale is it? I assume there is lots of disk access and it's not all in memory at boot? Obviously I'll be using real disk anyway, I just thought a cassette versions was cool for the collector's bit. I guess since I'd probably never use it, it really doesn't matter if it's not a real cassette in the case anyway, maybe someday I'll make use of this USB curiosity once I know more about it.


I've only recently started playing Omnitrend's UNIVERSE and am enjoying it and definitely looking forward to this game too.

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WoOoOoW !


What a f-piece of work, here!


I've never been too inclined to buy new SW for the Atari, but... for any rule, there is always room for an exception.


Could we see a couple (at least two) of actual screen shots? What is the asking price of this edition? Would this work for NTSC, timing and color-wise?

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I just got the same error screen as the one posted above, my zip code is 5 digits and starts with a 7 and ends with a 9, no 0 at either end to be mistaken for a padded 4-digit zip code..

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17 minutes ago, MADRAFi said:

Ok I have changed the field type for email. It will  not check RFC. That supposed to be a help not obstruction.

Same for a zip code, It will not validate it.

Just tried again even after clearing browsing data and cookies


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The field on the form is no longer email type so it should not validate to RFC standard.

It has been changed to text and should work as any other field.


I have the same issue as you do with different emails I enter. I will try to fix it as soon as possible.

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