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The review of A-Z of Atari ST Games Volume 3 book RetroLaird is trying to delete!

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Master-Cast TV,  the guy who worked tirelessly with our group, plus the BBC, in the on-going investigation and exposure of Jane Whittaker,  is according to Kieren..





I'm gonna to retch or smash the f##k out of something, if i read much more in one go.



Where the f##k were Jaguar Sector III people when we were busting our nuts exposing the lies and damage Whittaker had carried out?


Kieren alone had the Graftgold contacts, Rebellion contacts,but like many others,just sat on his hands.


Wouldn't say S##T even with a mouthful when it came to Whittaker, who lied about role on AVP and who's Tramiel stories don't hold water either.


Integrity?  pffff.

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3 minutes ago, Welshworrier said:

Wasn't he the Birmingham journalist who did his master's degree aged 9, in Birmingham Alabama,  and then his bachelor's degree in Birmingham UK 8 years later or so.


I believe I was given some caps of that fb profile

The very same


The One who also claimed to of been friends and worked with H.R Gieger. 



Digitised for lead role in Darkseed 


Coded numerous games for Graftgold 


Liked to Name drop big industry names as personal friends, claim he had written large chunks of..



Sounding exactly like somebody else right now isn't he?


Birds of a feather and all that..

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The Retro Girl aka I can't believe Kieren thinks he's fooling anyone with this, Amazon reviews profile:





Kierens books:ALL 5 STAR REVIEWS 


Chris Wilkins book kieren did guest reviews for:3 Star


Chris Wilkins book with no Kieren Content:1 star 


Shaun McClure book with foreward by Kieren:praised (try and buy the inital edition if you can, it's kieren free, book itself is fantastic). 



I mean come on Kieren, it's not just blatant nor obvious, your in real danger of getting your publications pulled by Amazon for abuse of review system and self promotion.

Edited by Lost Dragon
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3 hours ago, Welshworrier said:

Here is an example of the revisionist tactics employed.


He is insistent that mastercast was banned for trolling members on his js3 group.


So look at the evidence...

Moderator has rant, question asked about physical release and light gun support.


Praise for cart.


Then moderator didn't like the review.


Mastercast banned

Revisionist version of events given


All of Andrew Rosas posts are non trolling as there is a massive dump of them to read so who has lied here?
















Thanks for the support, bro. I've heard this bullshit for awhile now, my being banned for trolling, and it's just aggravating. I'll take accountability for when I fuck up, but I didn't troll him. When I've come at him it's been a reaction to something stupid he has said or done. 

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In the Busted video i watched last night, there was talk about Kieren claiming someone (name meant nothing to me) had been responsible for getting him sacked from RG Magazine. 


Yet those who still buy the magazine, tell me he was all over social media saying it was his choice to leave, his books and YT channel doing so well, demanding so much of his time, he had to focus on those.


Plus, his writing could now be his own, rather than at mercy of a corporate body.



So who exactly is he blaming for getting him sacked and on what grounds? 



Unusual for him not to play victim card and try and stir up a crowd to get him reinstated.. 

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7 hours ago, Funkyspectrum said:

i am furious with his crap now what an absolutely deluded coward. 


Well, that's 50 minutes of pure excellence there! I even had to go and grab a packet of Wotsits to munch through. Being retro, do you think we could have this and the other one on double sided vinyl and sell at all future retro events? :D

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10 hours ago, Sauron said:

I take it that was a pretty frequent occurrence. ?

LOL! Yes. Yes, it was. He's still talkin' shit, calling me dumb ass, dick lick, and saying that I'm dick buddies with Lawrence....just so many dicks, ya' know?

Either he thinks I'm homophobic, or he is in fact homophobic. Regardless, it just makes him look like an even bigger idiot than people imagine, which is quite remarkable after reading his ridiculous "copyright claim" against me for the JagZombies and Saucer Wars videos.  


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Just to show you all how far back all this goes, here's a capture from 2013 when our Jaguar release, "Downfall", was selected by 1up as one of the Top 31 Homebrew Releases.  

Here you can see Kieren pretending to be sh3, and ruining the comments section for everyone. You'll have to zoom in, I'm afraid.



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Gettling licenses for games is a long, complex process, which is stressful and hard enough already, without having to discuss Kieren Hawken with contacts.

We had to send this to Jeff Minter when we were working on "Jeff Minter Classics".  It's not the only one I've had to send to people.

I won't post the response, this is my side of a private email.  Suffice it to say, the cart is in the AA store and you're all enjoying it despite Kieren's best efforts.


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9 minutes ago, CyranoJ said:

Gettling licenses for games is a long, complex process, which is stressful and hard enough already, without having to discuss Kieren Hawken with contacts.

We had to send this to Jeff Minter when we were working on "Jeff Minter Classics".  It's not the only one I've had to send to people.

I won't post the respose, this is my side of a private email.  Suffice it to say, the cart is in the AA store and you're all enjoying it despite Kieren's best efforts.


I'm going to echo the sentiments expressed by CyranoJ here.


Mine was a little different, as i would be contacting industry people on behalf of others regarding unreleased games i they worked on.


I have only ever felt really uncomfortable making enquiries to others about 2 individuals. 


1.Jane Whittaker.


2.Approaching the Oliver Twins to get a degree of clarity regarding the many claims Kieren was throwing around at the time  claiming personal friendship with them, being integral part of the book launch and worse still,claiming they had no legal right to allow the Dizzy games to appear on the Jaguar. 


I won't be putting up the reply Phillip Oliver gave, suffice to say the games are still on sale.


But i would like to thank him for his time,understanding and simple decency in putting the record straight.



It just beggars belief what kind of mind would fabricate the claims he did, knowing just how easy it was to have them checked and his lies exposed.


He pulled a similar stunt when i had Jeff Minter Tweeted about Lynx Ultra Star Raiders,  going off via an abusive email to myself, on a rant about how Jeff must of been off his f#cking head on drugs at the time, as he had told Kieren he had worked on the game.


Utter nonsense,as Jeff had previously explained and went onto explain again, that whilst he was a huge Lynx fan, Llamasoft was too small to risk Lynx development. 



I also had to email John Romeo (another pure gentleman for his patience and understanding)  after Kieren attempted to discredit the inital information John had passed on.



It was frankly downright embarrassing to have to approach these people and humbly explain that a supposed professional writer, was going around claiming and would they mind clearing a few things up?.



Shame on you Kieren. 


Your research and writing should of been of a much higher standard and as for your morals...

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1 minute ago, Lost Dragon said:

Approaching the Oliver Twins to get a degree of clarity regarding the many claims Kieren was throwing around at the time  claiming personal friendship with them, being integral part of the book launch and worse still,claiming they had no legal right to allow the Dizzy games to appear on the Jaguar. 


I won't be putting up the reply Phillip Oliver gave, suffice to say the games are still on sale.


But i would like to thank him for his time,understanding and simple decency in putting the record straight.


The Olivers, Jeff Minter, Piko, Cinemaware, AA's own Albert and the other people I've had the honor to work with have all been beyond class acts, and I will be forever thankful to have had those opportunities. 

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It was back in early 2015 when i had emailed Romero, Stalker Hawkens had seen John's reply and went into full-on discredit mode.


Kieren had met him at event X, chatted with him (cue obvious greater credibility than a mere exchange of emails) and went onto try and say we shouldn't go too much off what Romero was saying about the limits of the Jaguar hardware, Romero wasn't much of a coder.


Imagine having to take that claim to John? 



Well i did and again he was kind enough to reply:


From John Romero to my inbox:


'Well, that's hugely incorrect. I've been a coder since 1979 and programmed dozens of games before meeting Carmack. Coding 8-bit machines means you're a hardware guy. I've built transfer cables between the Apple II and C64 and coded the 6502 to transfer data between them, not to mention coded in 6502 daily for almost 10 years.


Regarding Doom I coded the map editor, DoomEd, in Objective-C on NeXTSTEP then coded a ton of Doom in C (every environmental effect: lights, switches, doors, platforms, slime, etc), the save/load code, all tools, installer, etc.


Jag Doom was coded by me, Carmack, and Shawn Green. John did the 3D engine port, AI, and I did the rest. Shawn did a little bit too. We finished it pretty quickly.


Doom's vertical span-blitter was made for the PC's hardware only. That's why it was tough getting the Jag to run it fast enough.'


It's attitudes like Kierens that make it a bloody nightmare to get people to talk about games development. 


He never challenged the likes of Martin Hooley or K.L.H from Imagitec Design, even though he knew Hooley had changed his story and the real reasons Freelancer was canned,  let him slander Leonard Tramiel twice in his RG features, not best way to get Leonard on your side for an interview. 


Just disgraceful behaviour.


His god awful, colour coded, expert lost Jaguar games thread on here,sent likes of myself and others,trying to do credible research, on so many wild goose chases and the path was often simply traced back to some bullshit magazine claim, he had reported as fact.


I'm glad the YT community is finally seeing him for what he really is.


Crying shame you didn't believe us when we tried warning you years ago, he could of been contained back then,instead of doing more and more collaborations and being a guest on various podcasts and doing guest speaker roles at events.


But an awful lot of people were played by him and a lot of damage in the community done by him.


And now the scales are falling from an awful lot of eyes.


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On 2/9/2020 at 1:15 AM, Welshworrier said:

Looking back it finally hit me what the main issue is (YMMV).




When an article in a magazine, yt clip or even on TV/radio appears you always have to believe the journalist or presenter is giving you an unbiased report. Whenever you get anything that has been fingered by Mr hawken you cannot believe that any more. Professional integrity is key to being seen as a credible 'journalist' but as keiren has pursued his scorched earth policies, moving from one forum to another after banning, using fake accounts to promote his own work, deleting historical works to maintain his 'image' then you can no longer assume non-bias. His integrity is shot.


An example here was when my eldest son received a retro book as a Christmas present. Inside was an article on the 20th anniversary of the Atari jaguar, and top ten games written by he who should not be named. In the article there was not one mention of the work done by reboot or atariage but veneration of titles such as Gorf and the incomplete BIWN. I.e. people he admired. He then went into discussing the homebrew future and mentioned Vladr and even quoted Jeffrey (of wave 1 game fame). No pretense of impartiality, just petty partisanship - Jeff being the moderator on the FB group Keiren had set up. 


He did a YT review of the C64 mini which was the best thing on the planet... Without mentioning in the video he had a financial interest with the publisher and had boasted about choosing the games to include.


When comments are made to correct his errors e.g. when called out on the psx version of doom being incorrect in a comparison video (as it had been run under an incomplete emulator) he explained it was down to his special footage that he had not actually recorded. He then used the same incorrect footage in another video 2 weeks later. As we've since all become aware the special footage store appears to be obscure YT posters.


When a  "serious expert and journalist" shows such bias, errors and distain for their target (and shrinking) audience again and again - you have to ask why anybody believes what they produce.


Did you ever read his Mr Do! article?



I could never fathom if it had been pitched as a Making Of The Atari 2600 version and the editor had it changed to a feature on the Coin-Op and it's conversions and clones OR he simply built it around his sole interview source, Ed English, coder of the 2600 version. 


It was far too 2600 specific and when it came to looking at the home conversions, nothing was said about how sluggish the Atari 400/800 version was, no slights on that version at all,but still failing to point out you regain ability to shoot far quicker than in the other home versions.. 


Where it came to the C64 version, it's begrudgingly described as solid, more limited colour range pointed out etc.


Bias indeed. 

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Laird playing "Black Cat"  with ailments and trying to be Da Atari Authority :

Laird's Lair


Feb 19
I know that feeling. I have IBS and reflux and it's awful.

The Gaming Muso #GAMEBLAST19
Feb 19
Ah you’re in that club as well as me too eh? It’s totally been fucking with my singing voice for the best part of a year!

Laird's Lair
Replying to 
Yep, it's awful. Being up all night because everytime I lie down I start coughing or think I'm going to be sick. Avoiding foods I love because I don't want the consequences. Stomach churning like a washing machine for hours on end. 



Looks like the new subscriber issue of 
is one for the Amiga kids!

Lord Arse!  and 9 others

Laird's Lair
Replying to 

and 10 others
Bitmap Brothers were ST guys first and foremost 
11:02 PM · Feb 20, 2019 · Twitter for Android

Into The Vertical Blank Pod Cast
Replying to 

and 11 others
Most of the Articles in RetroGamer omit that. Did they fix it this time? Did you have a hand in the article. You are the only one I trust.


ST first and foremost? 


Let's see...


Xenon 2 only DESIGNED by Bitmap Bros,coded on a 386 PC i believe? 


Speedball 2:Sprites designed on Amiga, Amiga version delayed so improved pitch and extra samples could be included. 


Chaos Engine only done for ST as well as Amiga, as level design editor made an ST version straightforward enough to do.


No Chaos Engine 2


No plans for ST version of Z.

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The Atari ST P.D games Kieren claimed to of written and was credited for on Little Green Desktop and who REALLY wrote them:



Classic Invaders : Writen By D.J.Merrifield



Fruit Pursuit : Claimed by Richard Davey (Digital Dimension)


Quizmaster 1.2 : Writen by djtez (above)


Soccer Supremo : Writen almost certainly by the same author of two other sports titles ( which he hasnt claimed )



Space Thrust :  By Kay Downes




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More examples of Lairds revisionist history on RG forum :




The Laird
Re: Where the fu** is everyone?
Post Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:05 am

retrosofer wrote:
Too true, i feel the same, and those who think its acceptable to take personal potshots at other peoples disabilities and think its ok to do so, its not really acceptable that is it really!? it make you not want to post here at times.


Exactly, just like when people took the mick out of my own in the infamous Jonboy incident, never saw anyone tell him he was out of order though.


gman72 wrote:
Olive branch? I must have missed that. was that in the post where you insult my family (lighthearted though so thats ok, right?) or was the olive branch in the multi-papgraph post that you composed last night and have since deleted in which you accuse me of trolling because i disagree with your opinions and in which you accuse me of being stressed out because you think i'm struggling with fatherhood(?) perhaps you could clarify.
EDIT. just noticed that you've deleted all your posts refering to me in the thread apart from the ones i quoted in posts of my own and replaced them with NO POINT.
Burn the incriminating evidence before the authorities arrive on the scene huh? 
I didn't accuse you of trolling because you disagree with my opinions. I told you that some of your posts are very agressive and you seem to go out of your way to troll me (and others too). Then I tried to find out why you have to do this and offered you a friendly shoulder / advice if it is fatherhood that is causing you to get stressed out and act this way all the time. As for deleting my posts, I told you I am done with you as its clear you can't be civil.



psj3809 wrote:
To this day he still wont answer the infamous 'i wrote Steve Davis Snooker' porkies he was telling on Atari Age (and other lies). All he has to do is say 'fair play i was silly and said some lies and changed my age about 20 times to make it look like i was the programmer'. But he wont. You know what the internets like, you lie about stuff and people will find you out, best to come clean instead of throwing your toys out of the pram and not admitting your mistakes.



The Laird:
Oh hear we go again what a surprise you rock up with this crap again, you just can't let it go can you? Lets get some facts straight shall we so you might actually get a life and let it go (doubtful I know).

I have admitted on numerous occasions that that I told a few fibs in the past and yet you still bring up how I havn't. I made my peace with Sard and even got a nice PM from him. I never claimed to write Steve Davis Snooker, I claimed to have written a hack for 128k machines but don't let that confuse the issue. Its also not all one sided as a moderator on AA went and edited my own posts to make me look bad and then banned me. This is why the entire Jaguar Sector II forum backed me up because they knew exactly what had been done. Especially after that site got hacked by idiots with nothing better to do. The biggest thing was always about some BASIC games that I actually offered to send people (nobody took me up) and I even uploaded a video to my You Tube, posted code and screenshots. Yet I still didn't write them apparently according to a select few.

Lets just say this one more time in the vein hope you *might* actually let this unbelievably personal grudge go and help make this rather angry forum a better place to be.

Yes I told a few lies in the past, so have many other people, did I admit this? Yes again and again. Have I apologised for it? Yes again and again. Can you let it go this time? We will see.

I don't really need this crap with all my health problems right now and I am just about to leave to go into hospital so I will say I am sorry and I apologise just one more time. Hopefully this forum will become a better place for it.
My Digital Books | Laird's Lair | XEGS Podcast






Responses from posters not in any Reboot fan group, put up long before any Vega+ stuff.



Your nature, laid bare sunshine.




And a few gems from when he got caught creating the fake account to get more RG work :


RodimusPrime wrote:
Are we sure its Laird. No one is really mentioning him by name but thats what we are all thinking.



I'm sure psj said they know who was (mis)using Minerals account.
People are hinting at Laird as the culprit. Surely psj would have quashed any inaccurate accusations.

Luckily, most of "Mineral's" deleted posts were quoted by others.
When you read them again, knowing (allegedly) who's written them, it's completely mental. And funny. 


Last edited by stvd on Sun Dec 06, 2015 8:09 pm, edited 1 time in total.



Edited by Lost Dragon
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Laird's Lair (@RetroLaird) Tweeted:
@JagTaggart93 It has very little to with my You Tube really. A lot of people have taken a dislike to me over the years because I'm not afraid to speak up and I don't just lie down and take it. Of course a lot of it is probably jealousy too, because I've had a very successful career. 


Well actually Kieren,  your YT channel has been a big part of the jigsaw puzzle as it uses footage you stole and had you talking to yourselves, via you as you and you guest staring as Forza 77/Jane and Beast 666/Rogue Trooper. 


Your successful career? You stayed a Freelancer for RG magazine, yet by your own admission, your dream was to become a full time staff member. 


Your no longer a writer for them.



you applied for at least 1 Eurogamer writing position and you've never written even any guest articles for them, unlike other RG freelancers...


Your 8-bit on a budget crowdfunder for Unbound books was on for 12 months, resulted in 68 backers and 8% funded status.


No idea what your claiming your current job status is, but it's not a full time yt celebrity is it?.



How do you view your future prospects on YT?


Kim Justice seems to have put clear blue water between the pair of you.


Guru Larry says you unfriended him.


You weren't in the last Octav1us Jaguar video, sorry my bad, you were on Twitter slagging it off for poor research, yet the earlier video she did,with you as Researcher, we had to correct your research.



You knew this day was coming, yet rather than admit your mistakes and try and make peace with those of us who are f##king nobodies in the community, yet you saw as a threat (yes, people you slagged me off to from the RG days onward sent me copies of exactly what you said), you went onto pick fights with the REAL players and now your once staunchest defenders of you are finally seeing you for what you are and what you've done.


And deleting everything in creation,NOW was pointless.


So much you can't delete 


So much others kept on file.


Nobody hacked any accounts to get it either.


All nice and above board.

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27 Feb

He's now trying to suggest I'm lying about things I've said. A fair few of us tried to offer him advice to stop these situations happening. We had many conversations, some lasting hours. In the end, I lost my rag with his behaviour and gave him what for. That much is true.


RG Editor's Cousin, once friend and supporter of Kieren. 


Just another name for the list.


We can't ALL be trolls/bullies.


We can't ALL be wrong.

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