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This is a game that you can both love and hate at the same time. I really enjoyed it and I loved the personal improvements I made. But... on the other side after a certain screen the barrel screen appears to be so random that it feels like impossible not to "die". It is that randomness that I hate/dislike.


Sometimes the barrel screen is a piece of cake. You can go upstairs without too much trouble. And the other moment the barrels just roll and fall in a way that it is really frustrating. Especially when you almost made it and then bump with your head against a barrel on the floor above you.


So yes. I think this is absolutely one of the cooler and better games on a8 but also the one that does frustrate me a lot. 

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Thats's me tapped out, a couple of decent goes but not improved, and I forgot to have a go at jumping the fire barrel in the pie factory level ?


Reminder: round ends tonight Sunday 16th 10pm UK time (5pm EST).


The >>> Round 3 POLL << is a four horse race - there are still a few more voters out there :waving:


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Congratulations to RedThunder for the win and McKong narrowly holding off deteacher's challenge for runner-up spot. Great game, lots of fun playing it again here in the HSC. Thanks for joining in everyone, especially those like roadrunner who just have the odd game to support things, much appreciated all :thumbsup:


"Final" Table

late scores welcome if you missed this round (or round 1 Joust) just post a score and join in on the next round: devwebcl, chevymad and BoarofCar's scores added :thumbsup:



  1st  RedThunder      233,300  12pts
  2nd McKong             197,600  11pts

  3rd  Deteacher              191,200  10pts
  4th   therealbountybob           152,000  9pts
  5th   Gury                              130,300  9pts
  6th   Starbug                         121,700  9pts
  7th   Mr Trust                        115,900  9pts
  8th   graywest                       114,900  8pts
  9th   Marius                           111,700  8pts
 10th   oracle_jedi                   105,900  8pts

 11th   Goochman                    101,000  8pts
 12th   Magmavision2000           97,000  7pts
 13th   DamonicFury                  83,700  7pts
 14th   McKong Bro                    82,800  7pts
 15th   pusakat                          70,000  7pts
 16th   skr                                 63,600  6pts
 17th   MagicMarc-er                 63,500  6pts
 18th   jblenkle                         61,500  6pts
 19th   Mangia-Boy                   58,300  6pts
 20th   manterola                     44,700  5pts
 21st   mimo                            40,000  5pts
 22nd   Sikor                            39,400  5pts
 23rd   Mister-VCS                    39,200  4pts
 24th   carlsson                        38,200  4pts
 25th   ballyalley                      28,300  4pts
 26th   Benighted                     20,800  3pts
 27th   Fallout_002                   18,900  3pts
 28th   slx                                18,900  3pts
 29th   chevymad                    17,700  2pts
 30th   roadrunner                   17,600  2pts
 31st   devwebcl                      15,300  2pts

 32nd  BoatofCar                     14,900  2pts


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