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6 hours ago, shanti77 said:

The latest version is final1.5 but for now not public. 

1. 64k pal with all samples

2. 128k recognizes computer system (pal/ntsc)

3. Atari 5200 

All  have the same rules/points.

What about a hectic/frantic mode?  ?

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4 hours ago, shanti77 said:

@manterola You mean "condition red" ?

Could you or anybody else tell me how to recognize the so called spy ship. In the documentation I read that when you do not destroy the spy ship you'll get the condition red. So far I have had no idea when this condition red happens and I want to be able to prevent it.


Could you help me and explain that? I would appreciate that a lot.  Thanks!

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14 hours ago, carlsson said:

Yes, we played the preview version of Bosconian in June 2017 and played the final (easier) version in January 2018.

Sorry, I really did sound like an a***ole, my intention was to create awareness or remind everyone about the existence of this version and to encourage to try it. It is a breath of fresh air after several rounds of the official latest version. In the official version you can go thoroughly destroying the space station base cannons, in the preview version you just try to survive, since the screen is full of enemies pretty quickly, even when it is not condition red, yet.




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On 3/1/2020 at 10:09 PM, a8isa1 said:

Not going to give the thumb a chance to COMPLAIN.


On 3/4/2020 at 1:56 AM, MagicMarc-er said:

My thumb hurts.


1 hour ago, MrTrust said:

This one is murder on the hands,

Perhaps see if you have another controller option? While I haven't very high scores, I find that my Starplex is good for this kind of game, and would assume a gamepad of some sorts if you have one - perhaps through a PSX adapter - could come handy too as those often have less resistance in the fire button and you don't have to wiggle a stick as much. I used to dismiss gamepads but have learned to like them for certain kinds of games.

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