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Reminder this round ends Sunday 15th March at 10am UK time (possibly 6am EST as I think the clocks have changed over there!)


Votes please EVERYONE: Round 5 Poll


latest tables


1st   therealbountybob     478,470  12pts
 2nd   McKong                          461,490  11pts
 3rd   Deteacher                           340,890  10pts

  4th   Marius                                   303,030  9pts
  5th   oracle_jedi                            262,950  9pts
  6th   RedThunder                           233,620  9pts
  7th   graywest                               204,660  8pts
  8th   Mr Trust                                165,160  8pts
  9th   devwebcl                              159,250  8pts
 10th   slx                                      145,970  7pts
 11th   manterola                            144,700  7pts
 12th   carlsson                               136,930  7pts
 13th   a8isa1                                 104,560  6pts
 14th   AtariLeaf                               98,730  6pts
 15th   MagicMarc-er                         93,480  6pts
 16th   chevymad                             92,850  5pts
 17th   Sikor                                    84,170  5pts
 18th   Gury                                    71,200  5pts
 19th   roadrunner                           63,080  4pts
 20th   pusakat                               50,630  4pts
 21st   Mangia-Boy                          49,450  3pts
 22nd   McKong Bro                          42,150  3pts
 23rd   jblenkle                               34,720  2pts
 24th   mimo                                  25,110  2pts
 25th   BoatofCar                            21,100  2pts


Votes please EVERYONE: Round 5 Poll

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14 hours ago, manterola said:

We all might need a visit to physical therapy to deal with thumb pain.

It is really painful to go more than 2 games at once.

I tried to stick to auto fire (just keeping the thumb down) but somehow manual fire feels more "in control".

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Again try another stick if you have one, I'm using a comp-pro on the desk for this one.


McKong is trying to tempt me into a day of Bosconian to see the new features on the later levels and there are some other great scores coming in too :thumbsup:



Reminder this round ends Sunday 15th March at 10am UK time (possibly 6am EST as I think the clocks have changed over there!)


Votes please EVERYONE: Round 5 Poll


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Congratulations to the Space Champion McKong who takes the win by a comfortable margin in the end, at least I made him play again ;) I took runner up spot with oracle_jedi fending off stiff competiton from Marius to take 3rd place and grab the 10pts :thumbsup:


Thanks for playing E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E :thumbsup:


Bosconian is a great game, thanks again to Shanti77 and the team (post any other comments on the game here for him). Please support Pro(c) Atari Magazine if you can, and get all the back issues too - read my Bosconian review in Issue 14 - plus pick up the T-Shirt, it looks fantastic and is of good quality. It is not for profit just to cover the costs. Sumbissions welcome too.


final tables

(please check your scores)


1st   McKong                587,250  12pts
 2nd   therealbountybob  478,470  11pts
  3rd   oracle_jedi                409,810  10pts

  4th   Marius                        399,040  9pts
  5th   Deteacher                   340,890  9pts
  6th   RedThunder                292,940  9pts
  7th   graywest                    204,660  8pts
  8th   Mr Trust                      165,160  8pts
  9th   devwebcl                    159,250  8pts
 10th   carlsson                    148,650  7pts
 11th   slx                            145,970  7pts
 12th   manterola                  144,700  7pts
 13th   Gury                          131,430  6pts
 14th   McKong Bro                119,940  6pts
 15th   Starbug                     115,190  6pts
 16th   chevymad                  108,300  5pts
 17th   a8isa1                      104,560  5pts
 18th   AtariLeaf                    98,730  5pts
 19th   MagicMarc-er               93,480  4pts
 20th   Sikor                          84,170  4pts
 21st   roadrunner                  63,080  4pts
 22nd   pusakat                     50,630  3pts
 23rd   Mangia-Boy                49,450  3pts
 24th   jblenkle                     34,720  2pts
 25th   mimo                        25,110  2pts
 26th   BoatofCar                  21,100  2pts


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