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Rocket Rescue 2020 Edition


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Well i was looking at my game and started som update..and ended up doing quite a number of changes like improved gameflow , No diskloads after game is started, a more fitting title screen, the rocket is smaller and have better Controls, changes to xtra life system and score system, cleanup on some of the Caves layouts. some star blinking effects, changes to sound effects and colors  and ufo attack moves and more...

Rocket Rescue 2020 Edition.atr

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There was at least one annoying bug hiding in the game, Sometimes in the Gravity Levels going With throttle on and hitting a wall at some speed, one of the pixels of the flames would not be erased and hang back on the screen, The flames of the rocket is actually a missile so the pixel would then sort of hang over or under the rocket at the same horisontal positon until the rocket run over it and erased it or until the rocket exploded again….Fixed in this update...


Screenshot of bug:






Rocket Rescue 2020 Edtion Pixel fix.atr

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