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1 hour ago, carlsson said:

This growing and shrinking also reminds me a little of the somewhat psychedelic C64 game Alice in Videoland. It is probably more than 30 years ago I played it. Somehow I doubt it is on any Atari developer's list of games to port...


Yikes! Might still be fun though!


Seems already I've hit the crunch on Gyruss with 2 warps to earth again and about the same score:






Probably won't count my score but after the randomizer dished up level 17 hard. Level 16 very hard (though I did test it so it must be doable - needs a lot of restarts to figure out the first section) level 15 looks good. On my 4th go I got lucky and levels 6,1,8,4,10,6 again either the randmomizer is broken or i wrote down the wrong level (hopefully), Level 8 was not so bad afterall. Took me a few goes to get used to the default speed but you can change it [1-5] + [6] on top of them to vslow walk.


Should have said you can press [START] to redo the current level - usually when you have wasted all the pills or lifts, this will clear any score you have made on the level, or [SELECT] to bank your score and go on to the next level anyway ;-)



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2 hours ago, MagicMarc-er said:

One game of Gyruss and I'm reminded that my thumb will agree to play 1x per day. 


Gyruss 113,950

Block 82


Can you tell which game I haven't gotten the hang of yet?

Gyruss :evil: This is why I like the quickshot so I can use trigger for the waves and thumb for a break when I need  an intense blast or to mop up the middle section!


OK Table time...


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first tables


We'll make Gyruss the main game and BOL based on placements. Here's a couple of my videos of the game:




  1st   therealbountybob     226,450  12pts
  2nd   McKong                      174,050  11pts
  3rd   Deteacher                  171,000  10pts
  4th   pusakat                      135,500  9pts
  5th   McKong Bro                 122,050  8pts
  6th   mimo                           116,150  7pts
  7th   MagicMarc-er               113,950  6pts
  8th   Caco                            111,150  5pts
  9th   devwebcl                       81,300  4pts
 10th   jblenkle                         56,650  3pts
 11th   slx                                 42,650  2pts
 12th   carlsson                        32,350  2pts


BLOCK ON LEGS: First Steps

  1st   therealbountybob         1,755  0pts
  2nd   Deteacher                     1,462  7pts
  3rd   carlsson                          355  6pts
  4th   pusakat                           149  5pts
  5th   mimo                               125  4pts
  6th   jblenkle                           125  3pts
  7th   MagicMarc-er                    82  2pts


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1 hour ago, Caco said:

I recommended HSC season 17 at atarionline.pl - the best site in Poland. Maybe some Polish players will join the fun :)



Thanks for douing that Caco :thumbsup: We used to have a few Atarians from Poland play (as you know!)


I'll start the next poll tomorrow, perhaps just another regular round as things are fairly quiet here :ponder:

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