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Sophia 2 preorder thread


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On 5/29/2020 at 12:18 AM, Gunstar said:

I read it. I thought he meant assembly was different to the original Sophia, so that it would fit the 800 also, and not have to cut the shielding as those who installed the original Sophia had, since original Sophia installation in an 800 had been discussed right before his reply.

You may well be right, actually.


In any case, there is still (key) installation specs. missing.


The tolerances are tight inside the shielded CPU-slot, on the 800. Sophia goes upside-down, directly on existing socket (?) but that leaves the video-ribbon header (female) also facing down... I can't tell how much room is left between that plastic header and the back aluminum-wall of the shield-cage, and which exit-direction should the header take (straight right-side ?, or if we could fold ribbon 45-degrees to go down from socket, and then in-and-up (into expansion bay) between Slot-3 edge-connector, for instance.


We definitely need more specs. for a clean, quality install.

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On 5/30/2020 at 8:33 AM, DrVenkman said:

The tl;dr for the prior version: you remove the existing GTIA, install a socket if necessary, install the SOPHIA into the socket, then run a ribbon cable from the SOPHIA to a new connector (either DVI or RGB). You typically have to cut the case to accommodate your new connector, unless you’re installing in something like a 1088XEL or 1088XEL which have DIN13 connectors already and in the case of my 1088XEL, a cutout in the backplate for a DVI connector as well. 

Thanks, I did already have the general procedure for installation; I was more interested in pictures and maybe some info on what extra parts are included or not included. I did come across an installation video, since I posted my question. So, I was able to see what I wanted.


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