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TI BASIC/TI EXTENDED BASIC Games that are worth to be compiled...


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1 hour ago, tmop69 said:

ok, so it supports only GROM based SSS in this mode. ? 

Yes. A decision was made at Texas Instruments to attempt to lock-out any third-party software developers from making cartridges.  They wanted total control over what games came on Cartridge.  I think they saw the Mystique games on the 2600 prior to their decision. If, however, they had of allowed third-parties to make games, it would probably have helped push sales of the console.  

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The first compiled game to use the XB Flick routine by @Tursi integrated with the instructions from @senior_falcon (XB Flick routine integration?


- Archon. The TI99 version of an interesting strategy/action game. The TI version is for two players (2 joysticks needed), no AI. Is the manual for the TI version available?

If someone that knows how to play could kindly confirm if the compiled version is totally fine, this will be appreciated.


In the zip there are two version: with and without the XB Flick routine. In the game title you can start noticing the differences... ? 




Total compiled games: 359.

[GAME] Archon (198x)(Marc Walessa)[Compiled by TMOP].zip

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Updated version 1.1 of UNO+



- gfx glitch on the card at game over;

- crash at stats generation at game over;

- you can now play a new game after stats;

- typo error on stats;

- better formatting on final stats, so all lines are readable;

- you can use correctly upper/lower case letters on initial menu selection.


 @senior_falcon I'll send you an email for the crash issue and how it was fixed.




[GAME] TI99 UNO+ V1.1 (2021)(Hloberg)[Compiled by TMOP].zip

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