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Disc O' Pop - Abbuc Software Contest 2020


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Just to have a central place to keep questions and news about my contribution, I've started this thread.


"Saberman" already created a video:



...and on the Abbuc forums is a "Hall of Fame"-thread:




...currently showing a high score of 34, which is very good, as mine was only 29. Anybody else got more points?



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1 hour ago, ebiguy said:

I like this game.

I played many hours on my mobile many years ago.

Is it available for everyone (or maybe only to ABBUC members)?

For now, the game is only available to ABBUC members. After the contest is over, the developer can decide whether to release it or not. 

Bob C

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Seems that 34 points is some kind of sonic wall... ?

FYI: Game was written mainly in cc65 excluding ca65 assembly library routines for text (remember "Seitensprung"?), drawing, fixed point math and sample playing.

I plan to release at least the highly optimized SMC Pokey IRQ sample player for the cc65 Atari target. It is based on Sheddy's Space Harrier routine he once published

here on AA.

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1 hour ago, Sikor said:

Hmm, why medals no clear after restart game?

Because they also target different styles of game play. F.e. the 10-point medal is only given, if you make exactly 10 points in one turn. Having 9 points and clearing 2 balls with one shot (=11) would mean, there is no chance to achieve that medal in such a game.

I see them as collectibles.


1 hour ago, Sikor said:

My 5,5years old son record is 6 point

...and, did he like the game?

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  • 4 weeks later...

I like to thank all voters, brining my contribution to the 2nd place of the contest. It was a very strong field with many participants the year.

So I like also to thank all fellow participants, making the contest this challenging and interesting!


Like promised, here the latest version with (very) minor improvements compared to the contest version (e.g. built with a more recent cc65 version).



Edit: Play with trigger (Stick 0) or Shift-key.

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1 hour ago, shanti77 said:

I would add some levels, e.g. a few balls on the screen and we have to take them down in a few moves.

Already thought about that. ?

Maybe I will create a "Collectors Edition" for that. On the other hand, there are so many other entertaining titles and game principles to create...

(Congratulations, BTW!)

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Very unique, fun, challenging, and addictive game.


The digital sounds add to the uniqueness and fun. I really like the presentation too.


Congratulations on winning second place. Your entries always add a lot to the contest.


Thanks for releasing to the public.


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