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Interest check for a run of 7800 joysticks


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Curt's controller is about the same size all around as a 7800 console itself. In fact, I usually have that controller sitting ontop of the 7800 at the opposite angle on the shelf so that together, they form a nice box shape. Controllers that are larger than the console they are designed to be used with, I don't have a problem with, but finding where the heck to store them for quick access for use is a problem.


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4 hours ago, Bratwurst said:

Don't see anything that matches that pattern. These are the two types of mahogany I'm getting in stock:



I like the darker one,though I am an Intellivision guy.

I still dont own an Atari 7800,though I should by now!


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Not sure if your magictrashman on eBay, but I assume so since they look the same. These look great and I look forward to using them.


Thanks for making these with the option to order them with the joysticks on the right!

I’m not left handed, and I’ve always disliked Joysticks on the left. It’s always seemed counterintuitive after using a CX10 and CX40 for so many years.


I read somewhere that Arcade game companies studied how to make the most money from their games. They found that most people being right handed would have a more difficult time controlling precise movements with their left hands. I’m not sure how true that is, but it’s true in my case. Thanks again!

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A shoutout to Bratwurst for sending a pair of enclosures to me in the UK.  

Shipping would be a killer on a pair of built joysticks, but as I had the parts here, he was happy to send bare enclosures, with his 7800 decal and the textured top decal.


I suspect they are made in a very different fashion to Bratwurst's, but they look the same outside.

Added a some weights to the bottom panel at the back, to balance out my heavy sticks.

They work really well.  Both handheld and on a surface.







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