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Your title screen doesn't stay on because you are calling it with a gosub and then immediately returning once it's been displayed once. That's why it seems to just flash up and then go.



    characterset platformer_test_fontCS
    alphachars '0123456789 .,?!:;`abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz@#$%^&*()/-_=+'
    plotchars 'platformer demo by' 0 38 2
    plotchars 'shane skekel.' 0 48 4
    plotchars 'press fire!' 1 56 8

    if switchreset then reboot
    if joy0fire then clearscreen : savescreen : goto main 
    if !joy0fire then button1_Debounce=0 : button2_Debounce=0
    goto titlescreenloop
  ;    return

"titlescreen" sets up the title screen but then right after the drawscreen there is a return - that will take you right out of your title, back to where you made the call so titlescreenloop never gets called.


Removing the first return will stop that from happening and allow your loop (titlescreenloop) to be executed.


I'd suggest not using a gosub to call your titlepage, and just "goto" it at the start. (Think of it as a standalone chunk of code or a platform from which to launch other bits of code, not as a subroutine).


The structure is struggling a bit with the gosubs at the start, it doesn't flow correctly.


Fixed listing attached.



You might want to also rethink how you leave the titlepage. i've added a bit of flow at the start so leaving the title screen will take you back to those gosubs you are calling to set the game initialisation.







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