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After a false start we're back on the grid for Round 8... I've grafted most of this from last time we played.


:music: deeeeer der deeer der der der deeeeeer PREPARE TO QUALIFY it's....


Everyone welcome to play: just play and post (screenshots optional)

PAL users - play the Marius version if you can otherwise regular Atari or Datasoft versions.
Pole Position is much harder on NTSC, PAL/European players get more time, more chance to complete laps after crashing and more score but Marius1976 kindly created a version that runs on both systems with adjusted PAL timings (has purple skies). Practice using the erm "practise run" :D

NTSC users - use the regular PP from Atari/Datasoft NOT the one on the disk below - that one is made easy to be comparable to the regular PAL version - you can crash 8+times and still complete an 8 lap on Atari GP.


Clartification on the NTSC vs PAL options here:





Option/F4=Skill (Easy:Monaco/Malibu, Medium:Namco, Hard:Datasoft/Atari GP)


"1 LAP Series" Play each of the 3 skill settings in a row. NO restarts. Post all 3 scores.

"2 LAP Series" Play each of the 3 skill settings in a row. NO restarts. Post all 3 scores.

(Yes you can play more than once, but must play the 3 races in a row again, it is NOT just your 3 best scores!)

"8 LAP Pro Challenge" Atari GP/Datasoft 500


Space is pause - can use on end of race screens



AtariAge Info on  Marius PAL Version ATR (mydos/1050 density): PolePositionMariusPALandFixedNTSCFileVersions.ATR  **do not use NTSC ver here **

Atarimania (instructions & files) ATARI USA DATASOFT UK ATARI UK

Fandal XEX

Atarionline.pl ATR/XEX



Info on Post #2

Tables on Post #3


Race finishes SUN 16th May 10am UK Time

Start your engines...

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Things to look out for in >>>Pole Position>>>

Had the 211Mph bug(?) but I'm now thinking this may be a feature(!) - It happened after I'd overtaken two cars down the middle of the Final Straight - I felt that 'pull' on the car so am wondering if they coded in some sort of slip-stream feature to give you a turbo boost?


Managed to pull off an overtake on the inside kerb was very pleased with that. Reading the posts from last time PP was played here you can overtake on the outside kerb; if you're lucky!


PAL users be careful not to clock up too many seconds on the 8-lapper as the timer bug can come into play - can't remember how many seconds this is?!


The 3 courses are all the same? There's only the one corner that is really tricky so break or use a bit of inside kerb to slow yourslef down.


Change from Low to Hi gear (pull back on stick) at 105mph - can't remember who it was who crawled round the track at 105mph! might have been you littlemanjack :P :D and push forward to go into Low gear after crashing.


When you crash try taking out more than one car, or a car and a sign - is it possible to do 2 cars and a sign - might earn you a HSC bonus point ;)


Marius Ver.' Pro Challenge eventually managed 5 laps without a crash then crossed the line only to encounter the dreaded timer bug (Will let Marius know!) think I had 98 seconds banked on previous lap so was over 100 :mad:


The PAL versions bug happens if you have too much time - guess you'll have to slow down a bit! The Marius version is much tougher but looks like it's still possible to get over 99 seconds at the start of a lap (8 bits eh!)... work out how many seconds it gives you each lap (60?) and make sure you have less than 40 left when you cross the line each time (will check this next time I play) :-o


My Pole Positioning thoughts...

the only really tricky bend is the sharp left hander so it's how to slow down: 3 ways; brake; skid; edges or some combination of the three and then there's the position of the enemy (yes I said it) enemy cars to consider. I'm looking for exit speed on the corner... Generally to reduce skidding seems a good idea, so tap tap tap round some corners is my strategy (but not sure if this is doing a great deal). Could even try reducing speed for certain corners before taking them (not tried this yet). Also considered taking a more real-life driving line (wider start) through the corners but not done this much so far. Then there's this overtaking drag malarkey (and the speed boost perhaps) I'm thinking it's best to take a wider path past cars to stop the turbulence slowing your accelleration :-o


orpheuswaking: on single lap or double lap rounds I usually brake on the sharp turn and dodge the cars... On longer rounds I usually cut the corner and pass the cars on the grass

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Pole Position - Final Standings


If everyone can play the Marius version we will not need to adjust the scores.

(For tied 1st place scores the non handicapped score will take preference)




1 Lap Series (3 races in order)

(N)TSC SCORES +750 (M)arius PAL SCORES +3350

1st carlsson (M) 27750+27400+28000=83150+3350=86,500 6pts

2nd RedThunder (M-N) 28900+28850+28350=86,100 5pts


3rd trbb (M) 27750+26650+28050=82450+3350=85,800 4pts

4th Deteacher (N) 27950+27900+28050=83900+750=84,650 4pts

5th McKong (M) 27700+27600+25900=81200+3350=84,550 4pts

6th Zylon (N) 27,900+27,900+27,800=83600+750=84,350 4pts

7th graywest (N) 27950+27700+25800+750=82,200 4pts


8th VW (N) 27950+26250+26550=80750+750=81,500 3pts

9th Sikor (M) 27700+26950+25050=79700+3350=82,050 3pts

10th tompateus (P) 28100+27750+25150=81,000 3pts

11th 8BIT 1337 (N) 27750+27000+24600=79,350+750=80,100 3pts

12th Starbug (N) 27,700+25,850+25,000+78,550+750=79,300 3pts


13th AtariSphinx (N) 26300+22500+27800=76600+750=77,350 2pts

14th MrTrust (M) 23850+22350+22800=69000+3350=75,800 2pts

15th pusakat (N) 24350+22550+24300=71,200+3350=74,550 2pts

16th jdh (M) 27300+20350+22700=70,350+3350+73,700 2pts

17th fakecortex (N) 24,350 1pt


2 Lap Series (3 races in order)

(N)TSC SCORES +1250 (M)arius PAL SCORES +4300
1st Redthunder (M-N) 40400+41550+41500=123,450 6pts

2nd trbb (M) 39000+39100+38750=116850+4300=121,150 5pts


3rd Zylon (N) 39,450+39,300+39,150=117,900+1250=119,150 4pts

4th Deteacher (N) 39600+39150+39100=117850+1250=119,100 4pts

5th carlsson (M) 39200+36150+37800=113150+4300=117,450 4pts

6th tompateus (P) 39950+37600+37050=114,600 4pts


7th McKong (M) 37600+36000+36000=109,600+4300=113,900 3pts

8th VW (N) 37400+36200+36050=109650+1250=110,900 3pts

9th 8BIT 1337 (N) 38300 +36750+33600=108,650+1250=109,900 3pts


10th MrTrust (M) 37000+33050+32,650+4300=107,000 2pts

11th graywest 37150+34750+33300+1250=106,450 2pts

12th Starbug (N) 37,800+34,650+32,550=105,000+1250=106,250 2pts

13th AtariSphinx (N) 35650+32550+33950=102150+1250=103,400 1pt


8 Lap Pro Challenge (Atari GP/Datasoft 500)


1st Zylon (M-N) 113,100 12pts

2nd trbb (M) 112,250 11pts (2 crashes)

3rd tompateus (P) 106,850 10pts

4th carlsson (M) 105,400 9pts

5th McKong (M) 104,550 9pts (2ish crashes)

6th Redthunder (P) 104,450 8pts (0 crashes)

7th Deteacher (N) 81,400+3200=84,600 7pts

8th Starbug (N) 81,350+3200=84,550 6pts

9th VW (N) 78,750+3200=81,950 5pts

10th  graywest (N) 57,850+3200=61,050 4pts

11th AtariSphinx (N) 54,800+3200=58,000 3pts

12th 8BIT 1337 (N) 54,750+3200+57,950 2pts

13th MrTrust (M) 55,150 2pts


* Previous records

orpheuswaking (M) 112,400

orpheuswaking (N) 108,700+3200=111,900

McKong (P) 110,750


Fun Challenges

1st trbb (M) 49"19

2nd Redthunder (N) 49"23

3rd McKong (M) 49"35

4th graywest (N) 50"31

Crash Compo
RedThunder My Car + Opponent + Sign !

Highest Speed
zylon (N) 227mph!!

trbb (M) 211mph


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5 minutes ago, RedThunder said:

1 Lap Series

Monaco 22450

Namco13450 DNQ

Atari GP 20600 DNF

Marius Version, Altirra, PAL (I Assume)


2 Lap Series

Monaco 0

Namco 0

Atari GP 0

Marius Version, Altirra, PAL (I Assume)


8 Lap Pro Challenge

AtariGP 0

Marius Version, Altirra, PAL (I Assume)

THanks for starting things off RT :thumbsup: the Marius version should take care of things more or less but I still think it's slighly easier when it runs on PAL systems, the hanidcapping based on last time might be flexible on the 8 lapper, should be a fun round :)

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Here's my first go:


1 lap series (Marius NTSC):

Malibu:  27,950 (no crashes)

Namco:  21,650 (1 crash in qualifier, 1 crash in race)

Atari:  23,400 (1 crash in qualifier, 0 crashes in race...rode the brake a lot.)  :)



1 lap GP 27950.png

1 lap Namco 21650.png

1 lap Atari 23400.png

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I was just about to confirm that the Marius NTSC version isn't supposed to have a purple sky, and I see Deteacher has posted scores with the same blue sky I see.


As an NTSC player I'm curious if it makes it 'easier' for us in addition to the PAL version making it 'harder'?  Or am I just confused (again :) )

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Just played the NTSC version.


Plays nicer than PAL, did'nt notice the 84 v 90 second time.






1 crash and Pole Position






Pole Position






Pole Position



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1 hour ago, Deteacher said:

Not only does the PAL version have the purple sky, but you only get 84 seconds in the qualifier.  NTSC gives you 90 seconds.

Doesn't time go by slower on PAL than NTSC, something to do with 50 vs 60 Hz? So perhaps 84 seconds on the clock on PAL is equivalent to 90 seconds on NTSC.

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I'd guess Marius version on NTSC = NTSC Atari/Datasoft versions.


Marius on PAL is harder than PAL Atari/Datasoft versions but still NOT as hard as NTSC.


All good fun :-D



What Deteached posted is perfect so other top players can give a guide to how well they did and we can adjust the fiddle factor based on last times' HSC play.

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So far, all played on Marius PAL version on real 130XE.


1 LAP Series
Malibu GP: 25100 pts, time 56"35 (Qual: 27 sec left => position 2, no crashes)

Namco Speedway: 25650 pts, time 54"45 (Qual: 27 sec left => position 2, no crashes)

Atari GP: 23850 pts, time 63"23 (Qual: 26 sec left => position 2, 1 crash in the race)

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1 LAP Series
Malibu GP: 27500 pts, 054"23 (Qual 29 sec => pos 1, 0 crash)
Namco Speedway: 27900 pts, 053"55 (Qual 29 sec => pos 1, 0 crash)
Atari GP: 25600 pts, 054"88 (Qual 27 sec => pos 2, 0 crash)


2 LAP Series
Malibu GP: 38100 pts, 106"55 (Qual 29 sec => pos 1, 0 crash)
Namco Speedway: 36750 pts, 114"88 (Qual 29 sec => pos 1, 1 crash)
Atari GP: 36800 pts, 116"56 (Qual 28 sec => pos 1, 1 crash)


8 LAP Pro Challenge

Atari GP: 89200 pts, Lap 7  (Qual 29 sec => pos 1, 7 crash)


I had a really good race up until lap 5, only crashed twice. Then I got sloppy and crashed too many times to finish the race. But next time!




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On 4/28/2021 at 11:39 AM, therealbountybob said:

1 Lap Series (3 races in order)

(N)TSC SCORES +750 (M)arius SCORES +3350

So I presume what determines if one should post an improved score is if the total from the three races Malibu + Namco + Atari/Datasoft is better than what one previously posted, since we participate in sets of 3 continuous races? In the beginning it will be easy to improve every score but after a while I believe the improvements will be so small that one has to calculate the total points to see if it is an improvement.

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