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Season 19 Round 7 - Jackal


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That's probably it for me. Infuriating thing about this run is that in the second loop I kept getting killed before being able to unload my guys. Like in stage 6 I died almost right before the helipad, so infuriating.


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This is a near perfect action game. The way that the screen scrolls so that enemies almost pop out right in front of you, and how there's such a penalty for dying (losing your powered up missiles and POWs), it really makes for tense situations where you have to constantly be on guard. A true classic.


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On 7/24/2021 at 12:56 PM, fakecortex said:

Quick update. Made it to the level 2 boss this time, but wasn’t doing any damage. 


Jackal - 83,900 lvl 2


Get in close and lob your grenades/missiles at each head. I believe each head takes three grenades/missiles to kill. When they fire a homing missile just back off and use your regular bullets to destroy it.


The third level is where the difficulty spikes. That was as far as I got as a kid.



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