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What videogame was so awful that you stopped playing almost immediately?


Ironic Punishment  

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There have been several games for older systems that I tried only once after collecting them.  Maybe some day I'll try them again, but given all the other games I have yet to try and what I've since read about some of those stinkers, it won't be any time soon.  Ace of Aces for the 7800 and Checkered Flag for the Jaguar come to mind.


A (then) modern game I played once and then never again is Destruction Derby Arenas for the PS2.  Maybe it isn't terrible, but it had the unfortunate fate of being compared to Burnout 3: Takedown.  After playing B3 for about five seconds at a Best Buy kiosk, I was hooked.  However, it was getting to be Christmastime, so I figured if I had to have my fix, I better just rent it so someone can gift it to me later.  So I went to my local Blockbuster (remember those?), grabbed B3, then noticed Destruction Derby Arenas nearby.  Destruction Derby 2 on the first PlayStation was excellent, so I figured, let's grab both and have some real fun destroying cars.


B3 was exactly as advertised, but DDA was... well, it wasn't excellent.  After piddling around in it for 10 minutes and not getting the manic smashfest I was expecting, I loaded B3 again and never looked back.

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On 6/28/2022 at 10:24 AM, Razzie.P said:


I see this game pop up a lot these days.  Something happening to cause a resurgence or some sort of increased interest suddenly?   Or just coincidence? 


I don't think I've ever really given it a chance, but thinking I may have to check it out. 

Probably coincidence,  Just don't hate me if ya don't like it... LOL!

21 hours ago, chicgamer said:

I could maybe understand you thinking Deadly Towers is okay, but the fact that it's your favorite game on the NES ... I don't even know what to say to that. ;) 


I played Deadly Towers as a kid. I even finished it because my parents bought it for our NES, and we were stuck with it. All that I remember about the game is how ugly it was.


Funny,  until I came over here to AtariAge,  I thought the only Deadly Towers fans were me and maybe 2 other friends....But here I found 3 others,  So we're up to 6 people liking it!  Yay!


Perhaps it's expectations.  I grew up with arcades.  I'm used to dying and resetting the game.  This seems to be in sharp contrast to the NES Ethos,  which is Beat The Game!  People get really mad if they can't plug it in and Beat the Game...Don't get me wrong,  Deadly Towers is Hard,  perhaps needlessly so.  Arcade game hard.  You have to memorize cheap deaths to avoid them in the future and some enemies take way too many hits to kill;  Which means a Turbo joystick is a must.  Funny it wasn't a shooter that needed the Turbo for me.


But the whole thing is a grand experience!  Coming at it after playing Atari and ColecoVision, which I loved;  From Graphics and Music,  to the Amount of levels;  The whole thing seemed mind blowing in comparison!  And,  from what little I've seen,  the people on the internet "Beating" the game seem (to me) like they're not even "Playing" the game...If you ignore the Exploration aspect (by racing from scene to scene,  on a specific, linear path) and don't take time to appreciate the atmosphere,  the scenery,  and the music,  that would be missing the point...


I'm sure owning it BITD helped form my opinion.  Hard to realize now,  that even, say, repetitive NES music was, at the time a pretty big deal...


Jus my 2 cents...



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I can't even remember the name of it, but it was a PS1 Micro Machines type racing game I was really looking forward to (sometime late 90's).


I bought it, and it was just awful.  Everything just felt "off".  Wasted $50

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Why hasn't Daikatana been mentioned?


I pre-ordered the game when it first came out, picked it up after standing in line and rushed home to install the game. I made it to the mosquito/flying bugs right at the beginning and immediately shut the game down. I was back at the store returning the game within the hour.


"John Romero's gonna make you his bitch!" Yeah right.

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Tons of games.  Usually more than half the time in modern games I realize that I don't have time that day to complete the tutorial, and just never come back to the game.


One stands out though.

Grand Theft Auto 4--a "10/10 perfect" game in many publications (probably because they gave the one prior too high of a score and had to one-up it)


So this piece of crap: all I remember is that I'm a vaguely ethnic russian stereotype, and as soon as the game lets me out of the tutorial and I get to finally explore the new world, my pager starts going off. CONSTANTLY. 'I'm your girlfriend Tonya and I need you to take me to the boardwalk' 'cousin vladomir needs a ride to the car painter' 'It's TONYA again, you forgot to take me to the boardwalk' 'Uncle Mikhail need you to drive him to the bank for unspecified reasons' 'hay haaaaaaay, it's TONYA...'


...and about that time the game crashed. Game had at least a couple years of patches at that point.

So it's a 'perfect' game that crashes and isn't any fun.

and no, I have not, and will probably never try GTA5.

I think GTA2 was the last one I really liked. I'm pretty sure the police rap sheets and exploding arcade scoring went away with that one.

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Flag Capture on the VCS; I don't think that title left its faux wooden cartridge caddy for years after I played it once.


Modern games...


Castlevania Judgement on the Wii... seemed like another lame, license-franchised, cash-grab Nintendo game... played it for about 3 minutes I think.

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