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Monthly Gaming Quiz: can you guess the games based on tiny screenshots?


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The retrogamequiz - the lottery winners


So, I've disappeared from the scene for a while, not only in this thread, but in the whole forum (heck, in ALL forums). Mea culpa! Instead of ‘end of March’, the prize draw will now take place at the end of April.

As a reminder, this is what I wrote in January, these prizes are waiting for the lucky winners:


1x Neo Geo Mini from Maniac forum admin Rocco
1x 50€ Mystery Box from ‘www.retroplace.com - Your marketplace for video games & consoles’
1x ATARI: Art and Design of Video Games. The translator Stephan Freundorfer is publishing the ‘Prince of Persia’ diaries together with the game designer Jordan Mechner in April this year.

The prizes will be raffled off among the top 50, no legal recourse.

So, in this picture are the top 50 from the last round - did I forget anyone? ^_^

Now the magic happens... 
...if the picture is not enough, here is a video: [url]https://youtu.be/ru863iy7lzE?si=MnkJxDE84UB9zLY8[/url] More documentation is not available. :P

And our winners! °_°


Mmmh, unfortunately nobody from this forum. -_-


These three users will be contacted in May with their addresses. If someone does not get in touch or does not want to give their address, the prize will be awarded at the end of the month to the user of the respective forum with the most total points.




Is that it now? No! 

No, because there is one thing left - the 10 year overall ranking, with a special prize. This is coming... sometime in May. We have time now. :)

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On 4/30/2024 at 7:43 PM, jgkspsx said:

Great to see you back @Mr_Horizon!

Hey, thanks! Expect the 10-year-list this month! :)  


I'm not sure how much I will be around in the future though. 🤷‍♂️ Other than having had an Atari 800XL, playing Atari Jaguar at a friends place and buying the Atari50 collection for Switch, my connection to the scene is not that strong. 

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For ten years I organised this quiz - but now every last riddle has been posted and its answers processed, the raffle has been completed (winners will get a package this month) and as of last night the enormous 10 YEAR HIGH SCORE is public:

...only real in fullscreen and 1080p ;)


When the video shows awards for "Top 10" or "3rd", those are about good scores for the year/season, not for individual quizzes.

To all players: You have to watch the video until you find your own entry! ;) Don't worry, it gets more interesting starting minute three. 


I also uploaded a variant of the raw data into a google spreadsheet:



Oh, and the final special prize?


I printed a memento for myself, a 100 page picture book with all my quizzes. It looks something like this:
(always one page for the quiz and the answer on its back side)


The winner of the 10-year-high-score gets one as well, and if any of you are interested I can print more (and you send me the money, I guess about 45€). 


Well then...  thank you all for playing! :)

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