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Japanese computer games by Inufuto


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In the course of a week, he has ported the last game to another 11 formats, mostly Japanese but also ZX Spectrum. Surely it might be a matter of $DAYJOB too, but it tells us about the complexity of porting a game in his framework if he can put out 1.5 ports per day.

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And no info at all about how he's working out all of these titles ?. His webpage seems to have unrelated content and looks like it's unfinished.


Time to disassemble some of them and compare?.

I think it's probably a C-based engine; but the games also seem very compact so who knows...



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Yep, it's C based; but it's funny that's not based on any of the common C frameworks out there (SDCC, Z88dk, etc). Seems a development by Inufuto itself:


The CATE compiler is a compiler of a programming language similar to C.
Use ASM8 (https://github.com/inufuto/asm8) to assemble the generated assembly code.

Target CPU

CPU executable   file name
Z80              CATE80.EXE
6800             CATE68.EXE
6809             CATE09.EXE
6502             CATE65.EXE


Difference with C

* Datatypes are different (minimum units are 8 bits)
* Preprocessor is #include only
* Recursion not possible
* Variable argument not possible
* Pointer and array notation is different
* The notation when using the structure is different
* Power transition is only constant


Execution method

Run at a command prompt.

For Z80: CATE80 Source File Name
For 6800: CATE68 Source File Name
For 6809: CATE09 Source File Name
For 6502: CATE65 Source File Name


etc, etc...


And indeed, in https://github.com/inufuto both projects (asm8 and cate) can be found...

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Since Greg already linked to this thread on Facebook, I could add that he posted to successfully have built the tools for MC-10 and compiled some of the games as C10 files. The prebuilt binaries apparently lack the runtime library but if you build the tools from source you get the whole package.

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Inufuto has a new game, so far only available for MSX. It is called Guntus and has strong Galaxian/Galaga vibes, though of course not an identical clone. Play it on MSX now or wait for it to get ported to your favorite format in a couple of months or less.



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For those who don't keep count, Inufuto is still adding new systems to his arsenal. Lately it was e.g. IBM PCjr and VTech CreatiVision, and only a few minutes ago I saw he has begun porting his games to the TI-99/4A, meaning his compiler now generates TMS-9900 code as well as Z80, 6502, 680X etc.

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The guy's a machine. So many obscure home computers that I have to Google to even find anything about. Too bad half his ports freeze the entire game when a sound effect plays, and he didn't shorten the length of the sound effects to compensate, so it feels like you're playing in slow motion sometimes .. especially in Guntus.

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Since a couple days ago, MSX2 also is supported with slightly better graphics and sound (FM-PAC or something?). In the light of that, the lack of Nintendo systems is striking unless he actively avoids supporting those formats.

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