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Tensor Trzaskowskiego - physical release


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Together with @mgr_inz_rafal we decided to produce a physical release of his game Tensor Trzaskowskiego.


We have reached an agreement with Rafał that he will expand the game a bit and improve it for the physical release.
These changes will include, but are not limited to:
- English and Polish version (ingame selection of language)
- adaptation to PAL and NTSC
- more absolutely new levels
- using the possibility of writing on the cartridge (eg. game progress, achievements, etc.)
Perhaps there will be other changes related to the game, but it is still in the negotiation and reflection phase. Rafał has some ideas :-)


The game can be released on a cartridge in a form similar to the FloB game we released earlier with Bocianu, i.e. a box of the same size and quality as for FloB. The overall dimensions of the box are the same as The Last Squadron released by Sikor this year.
The artwork for the release of Tensor Trzaskowskiego is prepared by Vidol, who is also the author of beautiful graphics in the game itself, so expect a nice package, instructions and a sticker on the cartridge.




Cartridges, as usual, pro :-) - like for FloB, with gold-plated connectors, in the best cases available on the market from Sikor. The cartridge, as I mentioned above, has the ability to save, so in addition to the fact that the game itself will use this fact, in the case of any corrections or modifications introduced by the author in the future, as in the case of Flob, it is possible to update the game version directly from the Atari.


Tensor Trzaskowskiego game in this edition would cost 49USD (plus shipping costs 7USD).
At the moment, we start by collecting information about how many people would be willing to buy the game.
We kindly ask people willing to subscribe to the list here.
After gathering a reasonable number of people, we will start production and inform you about the expected date of orders realization.

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Thank you. So please to do the list: next persons please to copy actual list and sign up on the next position.
This is not a purchase commitment. I will confirm the wish to purchase individually later.


1. Spancho


Additionally, you can see a game, and play it in the actual version. It is available on Homesoft webpage for example. But remember it will be improved for release version I mentioned in the first post.

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@MrFish no problem. This is only interest checking for now. Dependent of how much people will sign up, we will produce a batch of physical release, but we will produce more then interested, so there will be a copies available. Signed up people will just have priority of purchase.

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We will present materials from game production and improved version will be available as a free version for download when it will be ready.


But as a teaser for people doesn't know the game yet, here is available last published version for download: http://www.mushca.com/f/atari/index.php?dl=437|TENSIEGO


And here is a video: 



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There are some elements in each level to be collected, and elements that obstacles it to you. You must rotate the screen by 90 degrees, so elements (and you) falls down by gravity, and then open or close the way to collect elements. You have to get used to the screen rotation.

The game will be translated to English for publish physical version. "Pieczara" is a something like cavern in Polish, so it is an every next level. Rest of the text below a cavern number is a funny (in Polish) name of cavern, but it is most not translatable, so we will name them in English again.
We will need an English native speaker probably, because - you know - and see my English quality ;-) But I'm electronic and programmer, not a philologist or polyglot ;-)

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