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HSC19 (2022) R2: H.E.R.O.

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Tricky cave rescuer! Another quality Activision game, easy to start with. Get used to using the dynamite: tap to position yourself near to a wall then pull down. [edit] You can hold fire to shoot though barricades if you run out of dynamite. Tapping up will maintain your vertical position when flyiing. 20 levels to beat, then the game continues on Pro difficulty.


Winner of this round will receive a HERO sew on patch see post from machine below :thumbsup:


Fun Challenge: "Speed Run" Levels 1-4 in 1 man :)





Have fun!

Round ends Monday 21st Feb 2022 10pm UK time


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OK, first one down the hole on this one!


Not grand, but I bested my own PB by almost 10K(on the Atari PC version), so that's good!

I like to jokingly brag, but I DO think this is one I should be capable of nine-lining, my mentors/encouragers/"you can do it" ers, who I DO beat on certain games insist I can, but I just don't think so, lol, not in this lifetime.

Have wanted to get "a little better" at it tho, at least, and again-I bagged on DK a bit, but this is a good example of the Atari PC line outshining everything else of the era, this is definitely the nicest version of this game, and plays super well, IMO.





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HERO: 114,715 (Level 16)



I usually play this one on the 2600 vs. the 8-bit, but the levels are all the same. In fact, I think the only difference is the texture on the walls.


I've never actually beaten all 20 levels before - I think 18 or 19 is my best. Hoping to change that! 


For those who haven't played before, here's a hint that isn't immediately apparent. If you run out of dynamite, you can chew through the thin walls (slowly) with your laser beam, so all is not lost.


Also, if you don't quite have enough room on a platform to drop a stick of dynamite and back away, you can always drop down slightly into a nearby hole. If you aren't standing on the same level as the explosion, it won't hurt you. (Even if you are literally touching the explosion sprite!)

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10 hours ago, graywest said:

I've never actually beaten all 20 levels before - I think 18 or 19 is my best. Hoping to change that! 

This is one of my favourite 8bit games for sure and I had *no* idea until now there were only 20 levels!  Makes me wonder if there is a limit on River Raid as well?


Looking forward to trying to get to the end.  Not sure where my personal best is but I know I can get past 10 pretty easily (I think!)


First try:  59315, level 10 ?


(This was in an emulator with an 8bitdo - I'm sure I'll do much better when I switch to real hardware :) )

Edited by 8BIT 1337
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"Most points thru four levels" might be an interesting bonus, kinda speedrunning it, 20k or better is "pretty good", but tricky to pull off.

Just a thought/idea, based on obvious strategy, especially for us weaker players-you really need to play as quickly as possible early on, it can make a real difference in the score.

Quickly later?

That seems to be asking for real trouble...

Appreciate this diversion, Guys, longer story than I'm gonna tell, my main haunt is kinda shut down atm, I've been meaning to spend more time with this game for ages anyway(2600 mostly, but same/same as others have stated-5200 version is as well, but that controller makes it a REAL treat to play)(Not so much).

Big thanks to @DNA128k , BTW, that's who I got my 600XL from, here, and it's a real treat!

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2 hours ago, Rogerpoco said:

The Speed Run was just me babbling, haha, I'm a small, new voice here!

(I do like the idea tho...)




2 hours ago, McKong said:

I liked the idea, so I thought I'd give it a go!

:thumbsup: we often have bonus /fun challenges like this. I ws thinking that HERO doesn't have the replay valuie of DK so if anyone gets bored or stuck on the difficult bit that I always get stumped with have a crack at "Heli In the Caves Extended Edition" for a bonus point or two :idea:


Heli in the Caves Extended Edition

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6 hours ago, Machine said:

I would be happy to send the winner of this HERO round a free HERO patch.

Thanks for the heads up Roger!


:cool: :thumbsup:


Speed Run levels 1-4: 20,260

(will add this to the first post)



This Level 14 bit is the problem for me, though I note you can keep tapping up to maintain your vertcal position so perhaps it can be mastered :idea: Had a life left afterwards but then in my excitement promptly crashed into another radioactive wall!!


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