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Sizecoding reaches Jaggy


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50 minutes ago, 42bs said:

I did not analyze the code in depth, but I guess GPU writes to one half-image and DSP to the other. So DRAM accesses of both to not disturb each other.


But the interlace stuff is fun. But I doubt it'll fit into a 256 byte intro. Maybe need to go for 4K ?

yes, the gpu plot the "odd" pixels, the dsp the "even" pixels
RISC code takes about 180 bytes each and is optimized mostly for speed (use only registers and lotsa pipeline optimization)

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6 hours ago, 42bs said:

Yes please. It is easier then ripping stuff from the COF ;-)

I need to find out which is the correct version. My JAGMAND folder is a mess. I tried the root folder version, it doesn't work properly and it's older than the last one I posted on Yaronet... I tried the other versions, none of them work properly... I was doing continual modifications, I had to modify the last version that I posted on Yaronet and I therefore no longer have the exact source of the one that works. The difference is probably not that big, but when you play with interlaced, the slightest modification can break everything... V3 seemed to be the most recent, but it contains an additional screen scrolling test... raaah !

folder mess.PNG

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