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New Atari Lynx homebrew - CSS-Traffic Regulation Demo


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As promised, here is a little demo for an upcoming Atari Lynx game from Yastuna Games.


Yes, it is Tate mode...


Graphics by Templeton, VectorPocket from freepik.com and myself

Music and SFX by @miker

Code by myself, with a little help from my friend @Zerosquare




The limitations of the demo are :

- 500 points max in Training & Normal mode

- only 10 puzzle in the Challenge mode (if someone manage to get through the 11th one, please tell me :D)



The game is quite easy, if you know Tetris Attack/Panel de Pon on SNES or Pokemon Puzzle League on N64/... or one of the trillion clones, you know how to play.

Your goal is to make lines or columns of 3 or more identicals tiles, by switching with B button adjacent tiles...

A button speed up game progression.



There are 5 colors/type of tiles in the game, and each time you make a combinaison, a gauge is filled, once full, it triggers a special bonus/malus.

also, every 100 points, or everytime all gauges have been filled, a special bonus/malus is triggered.

Triggering a bonus/malus means an icon is displayed on the right part of screen, and next time a new line appears, the first bonus/malus is executed.


Here are the bonus malus:

- yellow: 1 full line of tiles will fall from the top of the screen

- blue: the game progression will speed up for a while

- red: a ship will move on the game array and swith tiles under it

- grey: 2 tils will fall from top on screen on a same tile (yes, it is helpful)

- green: every tiles on 1 kind will explode and free the game array

- 100 points : a 2x2 special bloc will fall, if level is under 3, then level up (speed raise)

- every gauge filled : a bar line will fall (obviously, you may not see it in this demo due to point limitation), if level is under 10, then level up (speed raise)


The only way to make e special bloc or a line disappear is to make them fall from 2 space high (in 1 or 2 falls).


Challenge mode is another game mode, where you have 60 seconds to complete a puzzle. You goal is to remove every ghost tile


There can be variation of gameplay between levels :

fixed array, or sliding one like in Normal mode

- if there is a bonus/malus, it is  fixed and executed at each new line

- ...

There will be 100 levels in final version.


Of course, your progression and high scores are saved on EEprom.


We hope you will enjoy this demo, and remember it is still a work in progress, so some things could change in the final version.


Full game release expected in a few months.


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5 hours ago, jgkspsx said:

I am for tate mode forever.


I have to say, the title of this thread made me think it was another driving instruction cartridge :D 

Nah, you are an employee of the Congis Space Station (the same one featured in Asteroids Chasers and Raid on Tri Cicty - the spatial Yastunaverse :D) Traffic Regulation service, and you must get rid of all those drivers that want only one thing, be in time in one of the infamous bar of Congis Plazza to watch the SuperBowl final (no, this is not a clue for a future sport game - I don't even know the rules of this American thing that has the same name than Football).
So you must create superloop transportation to a parking by putting 3 or more identical ships together.


Yes, the name and scenario may not be definitive :D (but they could also, as nobody read the booklets, I guess I don't care about writing sillyness inside :D)

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4 hours ago, Fadest said:

the same one featured in Asteroids Chasers and Raid on Tri Cicty

I would even say: Yastuna Cinematic Universe :D


And yes the name might be misleading, not just for english native speaker, but this is actually a really cool puzzle game, I got hooked on it while playtesting it!

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7 hours ago, Fadest said:

American thing that has the same name than Football

And they even have the audacity to call our thing soccer ?


I love the graphics in this game. I even did not know that such thing is possible using 16 colors.

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I cheated, I reused sprites and some assets from Yastuna 2 (Space Lock & Shot especially) that were made by Templeton, who is/was a professional artist (he was working on GBA games when I made Yastuna 2, and I had to learn how to maximise every bytes of RAM to be able to use his sprites, compared to my placeholders :D )

The whole tileset and assets are probably still available for download somewhere as we put them in freeware (don't remember where is the link)

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TOMORROW ZeroPage Homebrew can finally unveil the consolized Atari Lynx II modded by @Igor from Atari Gamer / K-Retro and begin to play all the incredible Lynx homebrew that's been released! We'll be playing CSS Traffic on our first Lynx LIVE broadcast on Twitch! Hope you can join us!






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