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New Old Stock Hardware Atari, Coleco, Apple II, Etc


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We have new shipping options, Using couriers to ship to Miami (Air and Sea) and from Miami using Usps or similar. for the Sea option saves a lot of money to send larger packages (they Charge by the cubic feet) So decided to list some Hardware on Shipping Boxes.


Thia form of Shipping avoids the dreadfull customs officers who opens every game, they can do that in a whole shipping container. But they take a while to arrive, (even the air option).


I can also sell individually or several different items.


Boxes will be protected with cardboard outside (no shipping stickers on your original box)


Shipping costs not included, need the address to quote.





Vcs Cartridge Adaptor, Sealed box of 4 160$ (50$ Each) without shipping.






ColecoVision Expansion Module #1 Sealed box of 4, 220$, 65$ each without shipping.






Atari Trak-Ball Controller (made in Mexico) Shipping boxes are not sealed (tape glue dissolved) and the shipping box do not provide enough protection, so is best to sell them by unit. 70$ each without shipping.




Compumate Box of 6 (Consecutive serial numbers) 600$, 120$ each without shipping.






cp/m card for apple II New & Sealed, 180$ without shipping.






New Additions:


Atari 410 Tape Drive, Sealed box of 2 (Probably need a rubber belt replacement) 120$ without shipping.






Sealed Box of Two Atari 5200 Consoles, probably the shorter box model 3500$ Shipped OBO. Not Common at all from Venezuela.






Sealed Box of 2 800XL 400$ Plus Shiping.




Box of 2 New The Proggrammer Set for Atari XL 80$ Plus Shipping.



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4 minutes ago, Ikrananka said:

Interested in one of the trak-balls.  Also, interested in one of the Coleco VCS adapters (a single unit - not the box of four).  What would shipping to Canada be by USPS for just the trak-ball and also the trak-ball plus a vcs adapter?

I will ask, do you have city and zip code?

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If anybody buys a box of 5200 VCS Adapters or a box of Compumate keyboards I would be interested in buying one off of you once it got here. I already bought one 5200 VCS Adapter from Venezuela that I never received (99% sure it was FedEx here in the US who lost it), so I could try my luck with one already in the States.

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1 hour ago, edintv said:

I send the messages with the Quotes.


There´s another courier that can ship in the USA with COD so you pay Usps at delivery, This could lower costs. I´m waiting for a reply, they will only quote me for sea transport.



I did not know anybody did COD anymore.

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4 hours ago, MockyLock said:

Hello !

I would be interested in a Trackball, but shipping to France could kill the deal.

Please let me know.
Thanks in advance !

Fedex is very expensive at tha size, there´s an option shipping by sea to spain, I'll ask.

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The second courier company is telling me that they prefer to coordinate dispatch and pay directly with the end costumer, provinding invoices directly from the shipping company. So I will only qoute Ship to Miami and measures of the Box so you can check with their favorite shipping company.


This will avoid double fees on shipping.

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