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A.R.T.I. [Done]


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26 minutes ago, Ecernosoft said:

If it wern't for the fat pixels I'd think this was a modern game! (On a modern system)

Great job @Muddyfunster. What mode(s) are you using? I'd say 160A but the background is too colorful to be 160A.

Thanks :) 


Everything is 160. I never managed to get the hang of working in 320 modes. I like to go crazy with colours so I find 320 mode a little restrictive.


For A.R.T.I, the backgrounds and all sprites are 160A, the only exception is the player, which is 160B. The playfield is layered and uses multiple tilesets, that's how the colours are achieved. I did something similar with E.X.O. 


E.X.O. had two layers, "main" and "background". I expanded on the E.X.O. engine for A.R.T.I and added an extra layer in for foreground objects (grass, vines etc) to give the extra depth as the player passes behind them. A.R.T.I is less frantic on the whole than E.X.O. so balancing resources and making the code more streamlined allowed that change to be viable.


I was making a tutorial about how I build environments and tileset design, but I never got around to finishing it. One to go back to in the future.


This picture might explain the colourful backgrounds a bit better. (It's from E.X.O. but the principle is the same in A.R.T.I.).






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28 minutes ago, knievel1 said:

Crashes on Cave 3 on Open Emu. 

Going down first hole kills my HERO. 


Looks cool though!

Thanks for the feedback.


I do not do any testing on Open Emu as it's based on the ProSystem core which hasn't been updated in something like 9 years. It's an inaccurate emulator and that's most likely causing the problem you are experiencing. I've tested other games on it like Keystone Koppers and there are all kinds of glitches that are purely down to the emulator.


I'd suggest using A7800 or Bup.


(EDIT, I think that might not be possible, OpenEmu is Mac only right ? )


Thanks for trying it out!

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Fun Demo...

The graphics remind me a bit of Rick Dangerous, which I think is a good thing. ;-)


Demo runs great on my CC2.

Used the normal demo version, stripped the header with the 7800header command, and then use this config line:

HOME: A.R.T.I. Demo                ARTIDEMO    128R16PK    78BIOS


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On 10/2/2022 at 12:58 PM, bhall408 said:

I'd tested it at the time, but somehow didn't mention it?


Play and graphics are great!


Our latest Argon uses A7800 POKEY code, so it should be fine for sound.





What is the latest Argon? The version I have ( has problems with some of the E.X.O. music.

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9 hours ago, Synthpopalooza said:

Ahh.  The flute in the music is an octave too high.  There is an issue with $2x distortion @1.79 mhz which got fixed in the latest A7800.  I think you may be using the POKEY emulation previous to that.

We did our integration in July... I'll double check on the exact version... Looks like 5.2 came out in June...

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1 hour ago, Synthpopalooza said:

I noticed a few issues with some of the E.X.O. tunes as well, specifically the launchbay/credits tune.

I checked with Andy, and we based off of 5.2...


When he was doing audio comparison tests, he was comparing the pre-built Mac version of A7800 (which uses 5.1) to the code we have in Argon (5.2), and they sounded the same (to his ears anyway!). We'll have to investigate further, but it isn't because we used 5.1 or older...


We're in crunch mode prepping an Argon update for PRGE at the moment... Worst case, we'll look into it deeper after that show... We certainly want the sound to be the best it can be...


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On 5/7/2022 at 8:42 AM, Muddyfunster said:

A.R.T.I. (Archaeological Rescue Team International)



A.R.T.I. is my take on a port of the classic 2600/C64/A8 game H.E.R.O. by Jon Van Ryzin. H.E.R.O. along side Keystone Kapers was another of my favourite 2600 titles.


This adaptation for the 7800 is based on the 2600, 5200 and C64 versions and closely follows the level layout of all three, with the plan being to add extra levels beyond the originals.




You are Arty's new apprentice. A bunch of explorers and adventurers have got themselves lost in South America and you need to go and rescue them.


There are additional on-ROM instructions accessible from the title page. 




Left & Right - Run / fly left and right.

Up - Activate the Gyrocopter backpack

Fire 1- Laser

Fire 2- Dynamite





Rescuing a lost explorer or adventurer will earn you 1,000 points.

Destroying a wall is worth 75 points

Killing any critters or beasties is worth 50 points

Bonus points are awarded for each stick of dynamite remaining and for remaining power, when making a rescue.


An extra life is awarded at 20,000 points




A 7 level demo is available below. Please chose the correct version depending on how you want to play.

Please note the demo is currently designed for NTSC machines and is not fully optimised for PAL machines yet- there may be speed glitches etc.



A.R.T.I. Compatibility 


  • A.R.T.I works with most Emulators but has some issues with BUP System (Some POKEY notes are off key) and ProSystem based emulators (some graphical glitches).
  • A.R.T.I works ok with Concerto but there are some minor graphical glitches on the text on the titlescreen (known Concerto issue).
  • A.R.T.I is untested with Argon.




  • All original version screens
  • Additional screens (extra levels)
  • Themed rescue zones.
  • SaveKey + AtariVox support for hiscore saving.



Credits & Thanks


@sramirez2008 @-^CrossBow^- @Trebor for their testing and feedback - fantastic as always!


@RevEng for help with compression and answering my never ending stream of questions!


@Synthpopalooza for some Pokey Perfection


@mksmith for helping to get the tunes into the game!


@ZeroPage Homebrew for showing the demo on the stream











ARTI_PublicDemo1.a78 128.13 kB · 240 downloads

ARTI_Concerto_PublicDemo1.a78 128.13 kB · 122 downloads

ARTI_PAL_FIXED_Demo1.a78 128.13 kB · 89 downloads


Keep. going.

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57 minutes ago, John Stamos Mullet said:

You know what would be a great early Christmas present?


an update on the progress of A.R.T.I!

Well a little update for A.R.T.I. is that work is continuing on the project. Tonight I spent a couple of hours refining graphics and tiles for the 2nd and 3rd areas as a bit of a break from other stuff (that and I just finished work for 3 weeks and wanted to wind down with some pixels and a few beers).


A.R.T.I. is in a good spot overall but another project has hogged my time a bit. I like to run two projects to keep some variety in what I'm doing so that I don't get bored. A.R.T.I will likely be complete early-ish '23 and there will be another demo out at some point soon.

24 minutes ago, Silver Back said:

Or the reveal of something new. Or an update to another project. Basically anything from @Muddyfunster would be a cool Christmas surprise...

7 minutes ago, sramirez2008 said:

Coming soon..

Yep indeed :)


ZPH will be doing a bit of a reveal on Friday.


I don't want to spoil the surprise so all that I will say is that it's something "new" and it's the project that's been stealing most of my hobby time this last couple of months (and @Revontuli it's definitely not a metroidvania! :) )





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On 12/28/2022 at 7:03 AM, Muddyfunster said:

I've compiled a new demo build, this one hopefully works with Concerto with music. (Thanks Mike for the pointers).


If someone would be good enough to give it a test on a Concerto, I'd appreciate it.


It should also be fine for A7800 and Dragonfly.

Under the Concerto, after getting past the intro screen, the game is playing, you can here the sound effects and move around (And ultimately die when energy runs out), but the screen is completely blank/black screen. 


Subsequently, I took the above file, stripped out pokey@450 in the header, ran the below posted file under the Concerto, and the graphics are all present throughout now, but there is still no POKEY music:


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