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Fast Food !!


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Hungry for something new?  Ok, here's my 8-bit port of the 1982 Telesys 2600 game "Fast Food."  Something other than Activision ports for a change...  I just finished this up, and I think it's working pretty well.  All testing appreciated...


This was ported in an EXTREMELY direct way, using P/M sprites and nothing else, no DMA, no playfield, no fonts or anything beyond PMG.  It uses my '48 Pixel Kernel' idea on the 8-bits for the score display and the vertical scrolling messages.  I think it's the first and only 2600 game to be ported to the 8-bit machines in that way...


Specifically, it uses the 4 "Player" sprites, and the "Missile" sprites combined as 5th, and then re-uses a precisely timed "Player 0" twice on the same scanline for a total of 6 8-bit-wide sprites.  This re-creates the "48px" thing so common on the 2600...  Almost 'racing the beam' style, sort of...


NTSC 8K cartridge image only for now.  This uses a lot of colors, so a PAL color version will probably come later.


Please play-test and post if any problems or issues are found, thanks!


Fast Food [NTSC].car

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3 minutes ago, Aking said:

Where's the 5200 version?

Dude...  I JUST NOW finished this one...  I need it to be play-tested and stuff before I even do a PAL color one.  It would be crazy to try to do multiple versions till it's tested and solid.  I'm working all by myself on these things....

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37 minutes ago, glurk said:

Ok, on my own, I've just now coded up a 5200 version that might be OK.  It seems to work fine in Altirra, but I have no real 5200 to test with...


Someone PLEASE test this and tell me if it's OK (or not).  Especially if two-player mode works.  I'd really appreciate to know if it's working.


Fast Food [5200].bin 16 kB · 39 downloads

I'll do it on sunday. Thanks

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Paul, I'm actually a happier person when I'm actively working on one of these things, LOL.  So probably won't get burnt out, I genuinely enjoy programming and always have.


I do get frustrated when I get no feedback.  Not looking for praise mind you, but for someone to try this stuff out and post "yes, tried it out and everything works as expected..." etc.  Or if not working either.


I literally have no one around here to test any of this stuff, so I'm kind of flying blind, especially with the 5200 ports.   So feedback that lets me know when it works is helpful, because otherwise I have to assume that no problems reported means no problems found...  Which may be wrong, LOL.  Hope that makes sense...


TECHNICAL STUFF:  With the 5200 port I just posted, I had to implement key polling via reading KBCODE and SKCTL because I didn't want to add interrupts and a bunch of VBI code to the game.  And it works OK in Altirra, but I don't know how well it works on a real 5200 controller on the real hardware...  So I'm left to assume it's OK.  I "guess" it works on the real thing, but who knows...  I wish someone would tell me...

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Sorry, can't help with the 5200 answer, had a wee play of the 800 port and it seems silky smooth with no issues.. Hopefully some of our more hardcore playing folks will provide the all important feedback. Always nice to see new stuff on the old beast. Have you ever thought of C64 ports or not had a c64?

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1 minute ago, Wrathchild said:

@glurk Don't sweat it too much, the quality of emulators these days is an accurate enough that if it's working there then it'll be OK on the h/w.

I've always used Altirra for 5200 stuff, I have tried other emus and found them to be fine, but I don't want to have to keep track of too many emulators and with Avery behind the code I'd say that the very knowledgable Wrathy is spot on..(as almost certainly are the other emus)

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3 hours ago, Allan said:

@glurk I played the 5200 version for a while. Fun but it is a hand buster. :). It did crash on me once with the screen going black with no response by any of the keys (yes mine work. :). ) Sorry I can't give you any more detail than that.

That's troublesome, since I can't fix the problem if I can't re-create it on my end....


It's actually tricky / difficult to read the darn keypad keys on these things.  I have code that works under Altirra, but if I had a real 5200 I could bang on all the keys, press weird combinations, test all the edge cases and etc....  Which can only be done on the real h/w.  That's what I was meaning earlier.


But it should never go to a completely black screen.  I don't really know how that could happen, truthfully.  I'd fix it if I knew how / what to fix...

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12 minutes ago, Larry said:

You have a definite talent for these conversions.  Maybe you can start signing them "Glurk the 2600 Man!"


Thant's funny, hehehe...  I think I've kinda found my niche with these too, I like doing them.  But running out of good games to convert, sigh...

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