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It's Conner time! The final version is here.


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Hello atariage!

It's been a while. And I'm reworking It's Conner time into a full game. Complete with 32 stages, hidden stages, creative enemies, and more.

Except it's not close to that.


Sadly this will be the final version. (1.44) It has 4 levels and if you want me to show you how to hack it to make it your own game, sure!

Control style is this:

Left button to jump

Right button to throw boomerang/ run

(Correct me if I'm wrong here! 7800 control style is weird, wish they labled buttons)

(I also wish the 7800 documentary told which inpt goes to which button)


Here is the current 1.43 version:Connertime_v1.41 (5) (1).a78( This version fixed collision with bricks) and fixed Turbo despawn glitch

Here is the source code for said version:Connertime_v1.41 (4).a<-- Hit Space to select your level (Button 0) on the title screen.

Edit = If you want, you can say something about the game, like something about a glitch, or a prefrence, like "Make the second level easier".



Here are the changes in this version:

1. Conner can spin-dash by pressing down and the run button. 

2. Title-screen still WIP.

3. Fixed a bug with walls and 1-block gaps in which the "ceiling" would push you back.

4. Level 2 is completley beatable thanks to moved platforms. You can still use the 1st pipe to get to the 3rd level.

5. Fish and crabs (No texture for crabs) have been added. (Crabs have been removed due to difficulty problems)

6. Level 4 (WIP) is beatable. 

7. Horiz-momentum is implemented on scrolling. 

8. Supra speed has been fixed. (Boo. I had to fix this though)


Big changes:

1.43: Skidding is available, and Supra speed has been patched out.

1.4: Horiz. Momentum is active on Scrolling. 

1.3: There are walls in the game.

1.22: There is a title-screen.

1.32: The issue @gambler172 said has been fixed.

The story behind the game is "Supposed" to be what happened to Turbo after getting blown up by that coca-cola mentos mix.



1.35: Physics update + 1up addition. Choose level by hitting select, start the level by pressing a direction.


After getting burned, Turbo's remains get shot out so fast, that he breaks out of the game world and infects the internet as a virus. When One little boy download said virus, Turbo was revived. Wreaking havoc, he managed to get the boy electrocuted after a jumpscare when he dropped his computer.


Turbo was brought into the dream world as a nightmare, and all the viruses started appearing. The protector of this world, Conner, and his brother Anthony, were notified of this weird hostile life coming into the world of dreams. Your job is to help the pair get through to turbo, and defeat him, restoring peace to Dream land.


But it's worse- Turbo also stole the 6 Chaos diamonds (I wonder where that came from) and since has unleashed their power. Get the 6 chaos diamonds, and use them to destroy the nightmare land, saving dream land. Failure to do this will result in Dream land being filled with nightmares forever.










Levelgeneration (6).a78 Levelgeneration.a Levelgeneration (1).a Levelgeneration (9).a78 Connertime_v0.98 (11).a78 Connertime_v0.98 (11).a78 Connertime_v0.98.a Connertime_v1.0.a78 Connertime_v1.0.a Connertime_v1.0 (14).a78 Connertime_v1.0 (15).a78 Connertime_v1.0 (25).a78 Connertime_v1.1.a78 Connertime_v1.1.a Connertime_v1.2.a78 Connertime_v1.2.a Connertime_v1.2 (2).a78 Connertime_v1.2 (1).a Connertime_v1.2 (3).a78 Connertime_v1.2 (5).a78 Connertime_v1.3.a78 Connertime_v1.3.a Connertime_v1.3 (1).a78 Connertime_v1.3 (2).a78 Connertime_v1.3.a78 Connertime_v1.3 (22).a78 Connertime_v1.3 (25).a78 Connertime_v1.3 (1).a Connertime_v1.41.a78 Connertime_v1.41.a Connertime_v1.41 (1).a78

Connertime_v1.41 (1).a Connertime_v1.41 (3).a78

Connertime_v1.41 (7).a78

Edited by Ecernosoft
V1.44 is here!
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My game is no looker. It's Conner time 2 will fix that.

image.thumb.png.2dbdbed58ab028ca94e74a47897b4a04.png; This is the new 3rd level. it can be accessed by entering any pipe in the second image.thumb.png.712b695dffdd181e9aeec697776ab67f.png; level. image.thumb.png.89c94c19352a9e1300b2c2d9f2d4909d.pngimage.png.4456ec7d3a43634af44ad20b5e39e668.pngimage.png.f37fa677393af9ba2174559fd2e5eb1b.png


image.png; To enter the second level, go in the chimney of the house in the 1st level.


Here is the new 4th level. It's just a maze. Just this over and over. But it's worthless since wall collision doesn't exist yet.


Levelgeneration (1).a Connertime_v1.1 (1).a78 Connertime_v1.1 (2).a78

Edited by Ecernosoft
V0.88 is here!
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6 hours ago, gambler172 said:

Looks good....will try at weekend.

I have no problems with a SMB clone ?

Keep on the good work.

Greetings Walter

The *Hopefully not* smb clone!

I'm trying to make it different.... But I feel like it will be tough!

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On 7/18/2022 at 6:53 PM, Ecernosoft said:

By the way: I've posted the newest version.

I can't seem to get this version running on either A7800 emulator or on JS7800, it just shows a black screen. What are you testing your game with?


Never mind, I was able to get it running by pressing reset a number of times. ?


- James

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1 hour ago, ZeroPage Homebrew said:

I can't seem to get this version running on either A7800 emulator or on JS7800, it just shows a black screen. What are you testing your game with?


Never mind, I was able to get it running by pressing reset a number of times. ?


- James


Thanks. Pressing reset really helps and PLEASE download version 1.0 (25). It bypasses that issue.

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