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The Last Ninja


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14 hours ago, pseudografx said:

It's developed by Jakub Husak, what could possibly go wrong regarding music? :D

True! Here though he'll make an exception of using someone else's msx (@Miker?) 😉

I for one will always hear in my head Jakub's music from Battle Ships intro and Garfield demo. These were my 1st contact as a kid 🤩

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5 minutes ago, Jacques said:

I'd like to see @José Pereira's attempt of replacing current gfx on bottom-right side with iconic ninja's head :)

On all attempts from me (with head from C64 and ZX/CPC hi-res or this BBC/Electron) what I always thought was to replace the twin towers by the new one(s) to makes sense.

To be honest and taking in attention the size/tall of the bottom part of the panel the statue looks much better and this is the Beebs version port... but could try to replace the towers though...



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As Jakub Husak announced in 2013, he did the port of the game in 2022 with the help of Miker and AdamW. The game cartridge file CAR is on AtariOnline.pl website in the game archive: http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=kazip&sub=L&title=+Last+Ninja+2#kaz_82acc8ffdcc1fc0132f877449e2bbd5c

Description, control in the news: http://atarionline.pl/v01/index.php?ct=nowinki&ucat=1&subaction=showfull&id=1671657145

Here's the gameplay:



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I must admit this game passed me by BITD. (I never recall my C64 owning friends playing it on their machines).


Closest I got to this type of game was the A8 title "Ninja" which I did play quite often. (Still got my original cassette for nostalgic reasons).


Thanks to Jakub (and others) for the labour of love to port over what - I am guessing - is a true to original version of this game. Over 9 years too!! Kudos.:)


One thing - I am currently playing this on Altirra with the keyboard. (Will hook up real hardware later on). After a while you get used to the fighting combos and picking up objects, (latter took me a while to master when I came across a key). (Space bar appears to toggle the fighting mode/weapons; ctrl and arrow keys kicking, punching and ducking). You also get used to the directional control after a while, although I've died plenty of times being kicked by an enemy whilst trying to control direction! Maybe on real hardware with the joystick it is easier? :D


What do these arrows mean(?) as I assume they are indicating here I can climb the wall but I can't seem to.

Here my Ninja is standing directly in front of one:



Also I assume there is a finite amount of thowing stars?  I collected the weapon but in testing how to throw them I must have used them up. There doesn't appear to be a counter showing howe many stars are left in this game, (guess in the original there wasn't either).


Nice title credits and music too btw.


EDIT: Ah nevermind my arrow question - I watched the video above and see how it works now. Cool.

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On 11/7/2022 at 4:10 PM, rdefabri said:

I just saw this - any idea of the background behind the development?  Was there an original Last Ninja port?  Glad to see something was ported!


Dear member of Atariage from Atari on line has been published the Silly Venture 2022 Winter Edition the complete released of this awesome game : Last Ninja 2 for our dear Atari 8 bits. Well done Jakub Husak and the whole team involved. I found a great game play of this :


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I know what you mean but I think the idea was to be true to the original port. You could say the sound effects could be improved upon given what the A8 is capable of, (think Alley cat and more recently Prince of Persia both of which have some amazing sound effects),  but I don't think that was the goal and this is a faithful port of a classic. 

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