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Atari 800 - Fujinet - Can't seem to play pacman / donkey kong / dk jr

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We don't know what computer you are using, is it an 800 or a fujinet 800 style, what revision fujinet? How much memory does your Atari have... BASIC cartridge in or out? If a later Atari is option held when turning on... FujiNet can not run ROM, CAR, or their BIN images.


You really need to provide a level of detail so folks can help.


Possibly post the .atr of each thing you have an issue with.


screen shot of your fujinet settings


fujinet bootlog etc.

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Am assuming you're trying to run cartridge images? (CAR/ROM?)


FujiNet can not load cartridges, you will need to use something in ATR, ATX, or XEX format, such as those things in the /Atari 8-Bit/Games folder on apps.irata.online. Try the Homesoft directory there for versions of games you are looking for in XEX format.




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