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FS: Sega Genesis Nomad handheld gaming system with Battery Pack


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Picked up at a yard sale many years ago with Battery Pack, original Sega Wall power adapter and crappy football game. 


I never got around to doing anything with it and it's time to move it out... reasonably clean (See pics) and worked when I powered it up. All keys/buttons seemed responsive. Volume and brightness worked... Screen seemed fine with only very minor scuffing but I had to dial in the right brightness to get it to show right (brightness seemed a little touchy with the usable range being in the middle). 


The battery pack hasn't been used in likely forever... it seems to have charged and it ran for 5 minutes but assume the battery pack is probably not great at holding a charge.  The power button seems to be a little sticky - but works.   I had to seat the cart a couple times to get it to come up - contacts might need cleaning.


Comes with what you see here (power adapter was plugged into the wall and only the cord is shown... but it will be included).


Asking US$100 plus $15 shipping anywhere in the lower 48 US via Priority Mail (total US$115). PayPal only. Looking to get a little 'mad money' to buy some new homebrews!  I no longer use eBay but had 1000+ all-positive feedback and I'm a reliable seller and will work with you if things don't go perfectly. I offer partial refunds if the system comes to you and doesn't work right... but I expect good honest buyers which seems to be the norm around AtariAge.


PM me if you are interested and thanks for looking!



















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5 hours ago, WesleyrpgAust said:

Wow! That went fast!


Congrats on the sale.....i would of taken it but i'm far FAR from the 48 States of the US of A.

Given what a working Nomad sells for, and then the bought separately(back then) rechargeable battery pack sells for too -- whoever got this deal nearly got a robbery level rate as it was a considerable savings.  I was super tempted but I have one already and composite modded, but like I posted, that battery pack would have been a help.

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The pack takes 6AAs they last maybe 3 hours or so depending on your volume level.  It came with it by default, the slide on battery pack and the handheld.  Any rechargeable battery packs or the sega ac adapter that cross works with the model2 Genesis are your other power choices.  I don't take mine anywhere, usually for being lazy here but less lazy than emulation, so I have a power plug in the drawer. :)  I have run it on batteries though, mine lasts a bit longer with a composite screen mod vs the old hungry original.

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