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HSC20 Round 3: Robotron 2084 *New Season - Join In!*


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Congratulations to McKong for well earned win at Robotron 2084 and breaking the million point mark, you'd think he'd get a bonus point but he didn't eh?! :thumbsup:oracle_jedi picked up the NTSC bonus point :thumbsup: Excellent game and some serious scores coming in at the end, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Get a joystick coupler (or make your own!!) if you can as there are other games that benefit from it and we may have more of them later in the season :idea:


Thanks for playing everyone :thumbsup:


late scores welcome if you missed this round or any of the others so far :)

+ Crazy Climber picked up 5pts for a DK Jr score of 22,100


final tables


  Player   Score   Points
1st McKong                1,112,025   12
2nd therealbountybob   885,125   11
3rd oracle_jedi   599,450   10+1
4th Cafeman   425,650   9
5th graywest   319,375   9
6th AtariSphinx   249,350   8
7th Crazy Climber   228,675   8
8th MichaG   171,275   7
9th Marius   137,000   7
10th Deteacher   89,675   6
11th 8BIT 1337   63,025   6
12th Caco                      52,575   5
13th Ati   50,500   5
14th carlsson   43,100   4
15th Dinky2008   37,700   3
16th devwebcl   32,450   2
17th ballyalley   11,500   2
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6 hours ago, McKong said:

Didn't think I liked that game so much, until I hooked up the second joystick. Once you get good at it, the extra life at each 20k is too generous

Yeah, I didn't get much play time but I do remember thinking "damn, I got another extra guy??" quite a few times haha

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