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HSC20 Round 3: Robotron 2084 *New Season - Join In!*

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Congratulations to McKong for well earned win at Robotron 2084 and breaking the million point mark, you'd think he'd get a bonus point but he didn't eh?! :thumbsup:oracle_jedi picked up the NTSC bonus point :thumbsup: Excellent game and some serious scores coming in at the end, hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did. Get a joystick coupler (or make your own!!) if you can as there are other games that benefit from it and we may have more of them later in the season :idea:


Thanks for playing everyone :thumbsup:


late scores welcome if you missed this round or any of the others so far :)

+ Crazy Climber picked up 5pts for a DK Jr score of 22,100


final tables


  Player   Score   Points
1st McKong                1,112,025   12
2nd therealbountybob   885,125   11
3rd oracle_jedi   599,450   10+1
4th Cafeman   425,650   9
5th graywest   319,375   9
6th AtariSphinx   249,350   8
7th Crazy Climber   228,675   8
8th MichaG   171,275   7
9th Marius   137,000   7
10th Deteacher   89,675   6
11th 8BIT 1337   63,025   6
12th Caco                      52,575   5
13th Ati   50,500   5
14th carlsson   43,100   4
15th Dinky2008   37,700   3
16th devwebcl   32,450   2
17th ballyalley   11,500   2
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7 hours ago, thank you said:

i didn't get anything worth posting... i don't get this game very well.  can i get participation points lol.

1pt for showing up but you can post a late score for some proper points (at least 2) ;)


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6 hours ago, McKong said:

Didn't think I liked that game so much, until I hooked up the second joystick. Once you get good at it, the extra life at each 20k is too generous

Yeah, I didn't get much play time but I do remember thinking "damn, I got another extra guy??" quite a few times haha

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13 hours ago, MagicMarc-er said:

My monitor went caput a couple weeks ago and just picked up temporary TV. Hopefully this score is not too late. No big deal if it is. 34,925.


no problem, I'll add this in at the end of the current round ;)


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