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Hi, this is my version of Domino game.
Each player (you play against computer) has 7 tiles chosen at random by pressing 'fire' buttom during setup.
At top will be displayer two number (on left and right) that are the 2 numbers that you can use to attach your tile.
On your turn (tile will be displayed on the left) you can select one of your tiles using Joystick Left o right.

For play your selected tile, the top number must be equal with the upper  left  number (green bar indicates a correct move and you can press fire).
If a yellow bar appair , You can use joystick 'Up' to swap upper left/right number or joystick 'down' to swap 'top and bottom tile number) until the green bar will indicate the correct position.
If the tile can't be attach a red bar will be displayed on top.

If no tiles can be played, you can press fire on any of yours tiles than the turn goes to the CPU.
The game will end when a player ends his tiles or when none of the players can move. Each player takes the points of the opponent's remain tiles.

For example the tile 6/6 give 12 points (6+6) .
Whoever reaches 64 points first wins

On the bottom left there are your score and the remain tails while on the right there are CPU tiles and score.
A big bar indicates if the last move of the player was good (green bar) or bad (RED).

Regards Alberto





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ZeroPage Homebrew is playing Domino on tonight's ZPH stream LIVE on Twitch, hope you can join us!






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