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6 minutes ago, DEBRO said:

Thank you @Atarius Maximus for the pictures. Any pictures of the 2600+ in action or the Atari booth?

Al had three 2600+’s set up with a selection of cartridges to play. I played pitfall on one of them for a whole. I liked the system, it seems very solid and well made and looks great.


I didn’t take any close shots of them, but the pictures below show them at the booth. There was an Atari guy named David Paige (from the VCS team) at the AA booth that I spoke to for a while, and tried out the demo of the Berzerk Recharged game they had set up. I didn’t notice a separate booth for Atari Corp, they just had that one table with the 2600+ and the VCS systems set up for play at Al’s booth.



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52 minutes ago, Atarius Maximus said:

Top moment today: playing multiplayer co-op Robotwar 2684 with Paul Champeau. I didn’t get a picture unfortunately. All of the Champ Games releases are simply amazing!

Paul is a great guy - spent some time with the boys last year 👍

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3 minutes ago, davidcalgary29 said:

context: at the end of the day today, Tod Frye (left) was in the AA booth, signing stuff and talking development. I didn't want to shove my phone in his face...

Cool! I didn’t know Tod was there. I’m sure I missed meeting a lot of people, including you. 

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Here’s my haul. It was great seeing everyone again, @Albert @johnnywc@Nathan Strum @darryl1970 @Karl G @Ryan Witmer @ZeroPage Homebrew @Atarius Maximus @Revontuli @keebz @TrekMD @socrates63 @cd-w @MrZarniwoop. Apologies if I left anyone out.


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