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Ti99Dir version 9.1.a

F.G. Kaal

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Hi all,


I have added three new features or wishes from a few users. This was a process of weeks (4 or 5), not full time but a few hours every weekend and one or two hours almost every weekend, but here it is ...


Ti99Dir version 9.1.a is available here: My TI99/4A and Geneve Web Pages (hexbus.com)

and here 



Added: Number of free sectors of total sectors when viewing the file list of a DSK image (time spend: 1 evening)


Added: Command line arguments -I, -L, -R and -S- (time spend: 2 evenings)

  • -I<filename.ini> for using an alternative .ini file instead of the default file
  • -L<pathname and/or DSK image name> for the file list in the left panel
  • -R<pathname and/or DSK image name> for the file list in the right panel
  • -S- Disables the splash screen (splash screens are annoying when debugging 🙂 )


every command line option is optional.


Usage: Ti99Dir.exe [-Ic:\path\myconfigfile.ini] [-Lc:\mytifiles\] [-Rc:\mytifiles\mydskimage.dsk]


Also the classic ;-) method for starting Ti99Dir is still available (like Ti99Dir pathname or Ti99Dir pathname\diskimage.dsk)


Added: Quick view panel for the left or right side (time spend: endless)

The idea of this feature is that the user browses through it's TI-files in one panel and immediately sees the content of the directory / disk-image / harddisk image/ ARC file / picture file / data file / basic program in the other panel.


Also added the ti99dir.bat batchfile in the download I use together with TotalCommander (Total Commander - home (ghisler.com)







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