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Vectrex VecMulti Purchase multicart Direct from the creator Richard Hutchinson

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Vectrex VecMulti Purchase multicart Direct from the creator Richard Hutchinson (@Richard H.)
Richard can be contacted by email ("richard.hutchinson@dsl.pipex.com" , richard.hutchinson (at) dsl.pipex.com ) for direct purchase of his VecMulti micro SD card based flash based user upgradable Vectrex multicart.  
How to Get a Brand New VecMulti Direct from its creator Richard Hutchinson:  
Instead of using the eBay listing to purchase the VecMulti (it is my listing), or some expensive secondary listing sale on a third party site,,, Contact VecMulti's creator Richard Hutchinson for a direct purchase at the original price!  
You will save on VecMulti price, tax, shipping, customs costs and eBay fees!  
Richard is located in the UK. If you are local in the UK you will not experience customs charges.  
For Contact and Purchase of the VecMulti micro SD card multicart the best method is to directly email the creator Richard Hutchinson.  
"Richard Hutchinson" <richard.hutchinson@dsl.pipex.com>  ( richard.hutchinson (at) dsl.pipex.com )  

Or Contact Richard on AtariAge at @Richard H..
Current price for VecMulti is $100.00 [USD] and includes shipping to global destinations.  
Payment in British Pounds, Euros, and other currencies also welcomed by Richard. Contact Richard for the specific amounts in other currencies.  
Richard Hutchinson's PayPal address for payment is the same as his email contact address.  
If you send your payment via PayPal Friend's payment then be sure to include your address and phone in the payment note.  
Additionally, since PayPal's payment note removes most text formatting including line separations, it's also a good idea it to follow up the payment with an email that has your address in the correct format for shipping purposes.  
For and additional cost, packages with a destination outside of UK locations can also be sent with tracking information. Contact Richard for the extra cost needed for global tracking of packages outside the UK.  
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VecMulti Description and Contents:

By Richard Hutchinson (@Richard H.)
Complete with micro SD Card installed and populated with games ready for use. 
Created and Made in the United Kingdom. 
For Vectrex / 光速船 / Kousokusen 
2022 design update revision. 
Brand New.

VecMulti is a micro SD card based Flash Memory Vectrex multicart.

The micro SD card is included, preloaded, and preinstalled with your VecMulti purchase. 

Games, Demos, Testing Programs, and Utilities list included with the purchase can be found at the bottom of this listing description.

Menu software and utilities included on provided micro SD card.

VecMulti features:
• The micro SD card is pre-installed with original GCE/MB Vectrex games. Homebrew indie games and demos. Diagnostic and utility Vectrex programs. Documentation. PC utility software. VecMulti documentation.
• The micro SD card includes about 137 various Vectrex program titles. Some of the included program files are a multi-game image file with two, or more, included games. e.g. "Vecmania-1", "ProtectorYASI", etc. See VecMulti Vectrex program content list below.
• Runs most Vectrex game, demo, and utility programs.
• Older game binary images with sizes up to 32KB.
• Automatic support for newer game binary 64K bank-switched games. Bank switching up to 2 x 32KB.
• Multi-load game support.
• VecMulti Menu software for launching Vectrex programs after boot. VecMulti Menu software by Frank Chevassu.
• Vectrex controller used for navigation and loading of Vectrex programs via the on-screen menu.
• Menu list capacity for 999 software titles.
• Software title name support for 13 Characters.
• micro SD card capacity support for up to 2GB partition.
• PC based (Windows) Menu Maker software utility for updating VecMulti Menu program title listings seen on the Vectrex. For Mac users see the third party utility below.
 • PC based (Windows) ROM Patcher software for updating incompatible Vectrex binary titles for use with VecMulti.
LED on on board to illuminate the cart shell.
 • Custom designed, 3D Printed, Vectrex cartridge shell for housing the VecMulti board. The cartridge shell provides easy access to the micro SD card when performing content updates.
 • Developer support for computer connection and Vectrex program loading via serial interface cable. Accomplished using the 4x1 header pads interface port on the VecMulti board, and included Dev Mode File Loader software. (External Serial to USB interface adapter required, not included.)

Current VecMulti design (2022 design update). 
• Extra RAM on board supporting "Animaction" is no longer present. The change affects only Animaction. All other Vectrex program title support remains the same as in previous VecMulti production. All other Vectrex titles play the same as before.

Since VecMulti is a micro SD card Flash memory based cart the user can manage the contents to add more games. Or remove games no longer desired. 

Menu generation software and instructions for updating the on screen menu included on the micro SD card. 

Easy update of the micro SD card contents by copying  / deleting the Vectrex title to the SD Card and running menu generation software.

Also allows for a connection to PC for use in development work or loading games. See instructions and loader software included on the micro SD card. 

At the present time about 137 various titles are included. Consisting of by permission, the original era GCE and MB games, educational, and diagnostic test titles, other home brew games, demos, music, and diagnostic test titles. The included software may change as modern homebrew authors agree and approve their titles to be distributed with VecMulti.

See a VecMulti video by Vectrexer Here: VecMulti - revision - Vectrex SD Card based Flash Multicart Startup Demo - YouTube (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nT0tkZan2ao) 

Third Party VecMulti Menu Maker:
For people who use the Apple Macintosh as their desktop PC, a Third Party VecMulti Menu Builder application is available. Vectrex enthusiast and AtariAge.com forum member, "SpiceWare" has posted their VecMulti "MenuMaker" revision 0.4 for MacOS users. The Mac based MenuMaker VecMulti utility  by SpiceWare is freely available at the URL below.

VecMulti is designed and loaded for use in an actual Vectrex/光速船 / Kousokusen video game system console using the cartridge slot. Usage for any other purpose including loading the SD card into an emulation platform is not guaranteed to work. No support will be provided for use in any device other a real and properly functioning Vectrex / 光速船 / Kousokusen video game system console with VecMulti inserted into the system console cartridge slot. 

Compatible with, and for play in, all regions of the Vectrex video game system by Milton Bradley (MB), General Consumer Electronics (GCE), and Bandai バンダイ (光速船 / Kousokusen). Vectrex games, Controllers, 3D Imagers, and other accessories are not region specific to a particular Vectrex console. The manual language printing (Canada dual / Europe multi / Japan), box printing (Canada dual / Europe multi / Japan), and overlay printing (Japan) are the only differences. 

The Vectrex is a classic 1982 vector graphics based video game system created by Smith Engineering and General Consumer Electronics (GCE). Later purchased and marketed by Milton Bradley (MB) as well as licensed for distribution and sale in Japan by Bandai. Made in 1982, 1983, and 1984. 

The complete list of titles currently included on the micro SD card included with the VecMulti shown below.
There is more space avaiable on the micro SD card to add other games.

Note: Some titles are multi-game files including 2, or more, titles inside each.
e.g. "AllGoodThings, "Vecmania-1", "ProtectorYASI", etc.

● 3DStars
 ● 99LuftBallons
 ● AllGoodThings
   ○ More Invaders!
   ○ Rockaroids
   ○ Spike's Water Balloons
   ○ Vectris
   ○ 23 Matches
 ● Anthem
 ● ArmorAttack
 ● ArtMaster
 ● Bach'sPrelude
 ● BeckysMessage
 ● Bedlam
 ● BelugaDreams
 ● Berzerk
 ● Beth
 ● Blitz
 ● Block
 ● Bloxorz
 ● BlueSkyRacer
 ● Bonnie
 ● C19MusicBox
 ● CantinaBand
 ● Chimney-64K
 ● CityBomber
 ● CleanSweep
 ● Continuum
 ● CosmicChasm
 ● CountDown
 ● Crossfire
 ● DarkTower
 ● DemoParty-64K
 ● Doodle
 ● Drum
 ● EngineAnalyze
 ● Etch
 ● Figgy
 ● FortNarzod
 ● Fresssakk
 ● FrogsNFlies
 ● FunkyDrummer
 ● GetVectrex
 ● Gravitrex
 ● HeadsUp
 ● HeraPrimera
 ● Hex
 ● Hexed
 ● Hyperchase
 ● Inkubations
 ● KokoRetribution
 ● Kolonie
 ● Lichtbringer
 ● LordOfRobots
 ● MailPlane
 ● MDrWho
 ● MelodyMaster
 ● Minestorm2
 ● MonsterHouse
 ● MoonLander
 ● MrBoston
 ● MusicDemo
 ● NagoyaAttack
 ● Nebula
 ● Nonagolf
 ● Oldskool
 ● OnslaughtDemo
 ● P1X3LPushr
 ● Patriots
 ● Patriots3
 ● PitchersDuel
 ● PolarRescue
 ● PolePosition
 ● PresentDrop
 ● ProtectorYASI
 ● RAMTest
 ● Revector
 ● RipOff
 ● Rockaroids
 ● Roli-DasSpiel
 ● Rounders
 ● Royal21
 ● Scramble
 ● SkullShot
 ● SolarQuest
 ● SpaceFrenzy
 ● SpaceWars
 ● Spectrum
 ● Spike
 ● SpikeBalloons
 ● SpikeHoppin
 ● SpikeSkiing
 ● Spinball
 ● Squarez
 ● StarCastle
 ● Starhawk
 ● StarTrek
 ● Tanks
 ● TestCart
 ● Thrust
 ● TourDeFrance
 ● Tsunami
 ● Ulti-Berzerk
 ● Untot
 ● V-Theremin
 ● VabomVectrace
 ● VecBoxing
 ● VeccyBird
 ● VecDrum
 ● Vecfahren
 ● VecFu
 ● VeciBird
 ● VecKingpin
 ● Vecmania-1
   ○ Star Fire Spirits
   ○ Repulse
   ○ Birds of Prey
   ○ Vector Vaders Remix
 ● Vecmania-2
   ○ Patriots
   ○ Rockaroids Remix - 3rd Rock
   ○ Disc Duel Demo
   ○ Abyss Demo
 ● Vectopia-64K
 ● Spike's Water Balloons
   ○ Trakkers
   ○ Wormhole
   ○ Control Test
   ○ Mad Plane
 ● Vector21
 ● VectorClock
 ● VectorLife
 ● VectorPong
 ● VectorVaders
 ● Vectrexagon
 ● VectrexPong
 ● VecWars
 ● Verzerk
 ● VFrogger
 ● Vibri
 ● VTwist
 ● WarOfRobots
 ● WebWars
 ● Wormhole
 ● XmasCart
 ● Xylo
 ● YMusic-64K
 ● Yoehl
 ● Z4HL3N-R473N
 ● Zantis
 ● Ztagger
 ● Zufallstrefer

Programs list also found at the URL below. 



s-l1600 (1).jpg

s-l1600 (2).jpg

s-l1600 (3).jpg

s-l1600 (4).jpg

s-l1600 (5).jpg

s-l1600 (6).jpg


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Highly recommended!

Super nice Guy, I actually stalked him out(lol)several years ago, I believe they were out of production at the time, and unless I'm inflating the story(...possible), he just kinda threw one together for me, was a really nice thing to do.


No lie, JUST this morning I was commenting on another site with someone using a Vec-Multi about the above experience.

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On 1/18/2024 at 12:45 AM, GoldLeader said:



I just emailed him...


What luck!  I just happened upon your eBay auction tonight!  (Then came back here and found this!)

That's the point.  The auction is for eBay only convenience buyers. But I'd rather you contact @Richard H. for the best sale price and lowest taxes and fees. 

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  • 2 months later...

Emailed @Richard H. a few days ago about buying a Vecmulti, haven’t heard back yet, I’ll try messaging on here too, is he normally prompt or do I just wait it out a bit?




EDIT! Ha, literally as I posted this I wondered if I should check my junk mail, reply is in there! As you were everyone.

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