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2024 AVC Games Harmony Games Division (2600)

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Now that the 6th Annual Atari Homebrew Awards are done time to announce the games
for the AVC Games for the Harmony Games Division (2600 Division):
as mentioned in AVC Games Topic with changes to the AHA's we had to reformat the rounds:

Round 1: Work In Progress:
Original: Oh no more Peril
Port: Zkeep

Round 2: Completed:

Original: Game of the Bear 2 Much To Bear

Port: Elevator Agent

Round 3: 4k and below: Bot and Tom

(on Round 1 Button did win 1st place on Work in Progress, but didn't have  a scoring system in it, so Oh no more Peril was the next  choice:
on Round 2 Penult did win Completed Original  but it didn't have a scoring system so Game of the Bear 2 was next choice)

here is the schedule for each round:

    Work in Progress *Open Challenge
    Best  Completed Open Challenge**
Best 4k and below: Postponed ***


When rounds go active there will be links to them above and in bold (as well mentioned in the AVC Games Topic)
*Since there were no entrees for round instead of closing it, we are issuing an open challenge for the first 10 players only more on this on the post

** Round 2 now into open challenge
*** Round 3 is Postponed for until July (7800 division will start in July as well)


Edited by Dan Iacovelli
Round 2 now in open ChallengeRound 3 postponed
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