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Is this a good system?


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It was one of the first palmtop PCs, or maybe even the first


But it really can't be compared to Atari's other systems,  it's not good for gaming  4.9 Mhz 8088 CPU,  it only has 8 lines of text which is like 1/3 the size of a desktop PC.


It's best to think of it as an early PDA:   A device to hold phone numbers, take notes, run simple spreadsheets.  


I was never that impressed with this class of device since it could only do a fraction of what even the oldest PC could do.

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I like the size and the keyboard. All it needs is a better way to transfer files to it! Preferably via WiFi.


Some other (minor) improvements would be:

  • a more recent DOS than the DOS 2 version
  • an external monitor connector.
  • or a better display with a higher resolution.


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It was the first palm top.  Great system.  There is an upgrade to address the screen, and some other upgrades to add capability.

The biggest drawback is everything inc, and especially, the memory cards is battery backed.  So keep it plugged in when not in use to prevent the batteries from being used up.



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20 minutes ago, eightbit said:



Indeed! It is well worth the investment. Chances are you'll have your Portfolio purchase paid back to you on your first hit!


Where can I download the pin program and the schematics for making the memory to ATM card interface, please?

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16 minutes ago, bent_pin said:

Where can I download the pin program and the schematics for making the memory to ATM card interface, please?


Unfortunately the only working prototypes were in John Connor's backpack and were destroyed in an unreleased scene by the T2000. You'll have to reverse engineer them based on the footage we currently have. Trust me, it will pay off!

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On 3/25/2024 at 12:07 AM, bent_pin said:

Do you have any links, please? 



Some of my links are no longer working, so your mileage may vary and you may have to just search.  Here are a couple that are working:


PofoWIKI (has 3rd party and DIY section - german, link does translation):



RSKey Portfolio Page (has bootstrap program to xfer a usable terminal, or used to):



Software (U of Mich archive):



And if your interested, I did a podcast called Podfolio, Atari Portfolio podcast which should give you plenty of information about the device and its accessories:



I think it was this link that had the backlight kits:

http://www.palmzip.de  (german)








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