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What tools do people use for drawing static images?

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Let's say I wanted to draw a 256 x 192 bitmap using the double-wide pixels.  What tools do folks currently use for such work?

I'm pretty sure things have changed since I did 7800 development, so I was curious what modern solutions people are using.


Here's what mode I'm using:


        lda     #%01010000      ; normal color output, turn on DMA, two byte chars, black border
        sta     CTRL            ; no Kangaroo output (transparent, not BGColor), mode = 160x2 or 160x4





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I use Gimp. To do double-wide pixels, you have to jump through a couple of steps.


Create the image with the pixel resolution correctly set …


Then, pick Image / Print Resolution … and unlink the chain link between the X and Y resolution, and set the X resolution to half the Y …


Finally, turn off the setting View / Dot for Dot to see the "print" resolution on the screen, and you have double-wide pixels now.




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